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help my windows xp is very slow i hav core i3 with 4gb rami use xp for robot programmingplz helpsai-robotics.weebly.com


Well you have three quick options which should help increase your computers speed, however I would personally recommend a complete reinstallation of your operating system. That way you are guaranteed faster operating speeds although you will have to backup all your files and reinstall all your applications. Anyway the 3 quick things you can do are: Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Switch to classic view (if there) -> Add/Remove Programs Now you can start getting rid of all the rubbish you have collected over the years and don't need. Be careful not to remove important software (antivirus, system tools etc) but uninstall only the junk you don't use. Next you need to clear your registry. Very simple and there are loads of apps that will clean it up for you out there. Finally give you hard disk a defrag. Some people say this doesn't work, although it makes retrieving files from the hard disk that little bit faster. Those three are the quick tips, but like I said really if you want complete performance then a full reinstall of xp is advised.


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