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Top Video Streaming Websites





Youtube is the most popular video streaming website on the internet today and I must mention that it is included in the top 15 highest revenue earning websites of the internet. YouTube has a database of thousands of videos and you can find video on virtually every topic on this website. The videos are posted by users to be viewed freely without any conditions. The reason people like to post videos on you tube includes the fun of sharing and the benefit of getting handsome traffic for webmasters. Youtube is used by hundreds of thousands of people daily and thus it is a very good potential source of advertizing and that is why it is always getting better and better because youtube has succeeded in making people understand there value.




Vimeo is a very much sophisticated and free video sharing website. They have devised a system where quality users are differentiated from ordinary users. The Basic users are allowed to upload up to 500MB of video content per week and if they want to upload more videos they can do it by paying. Vimeo attracts a wide array of video artists because of their sophistication and is often used to upload short movies.




Metacafe the third big player and the very popular website rocketed to popularity with their page view money earning system. Indeed a very intelligent system to obtain popularity in a very competitive market. However many videos on this website are duplicated from the videos already present on youtube but in addition to that duplicated content there is a wide array of video tutorials on many subjects and this is the very very informative part of this website. The best thing about metacafe is that it attracts a huge traffic who want to earn money through their videos because metacafe is the ideal website for this thing.


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