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Ouch !


I don't know if you have noticed this, but I see a lot of porn material these days. Either in old posts, or directly in new topics.Fortunately the report system works fine. But I still have to have a look at the new topics every day to find the stupid guys starting new topics with pharm or porn contents.


I don't know what about you, my mod colleagues, but...Some monthes ago, most of the time I was spending here was reading posts, finding the interesting ones and writing down clever answers.Since a couple of weeks, most of the time I spend here is looking at the "last post" section and remove porn posts or pharm advertisement posts, several tens each hour.What happens to our so nice forum ? Why are so many people starting spoiling our topics ?


Exact same spam posts have started to show up in Xisto as well. I wonder if people are getting paid to post spams now, especially about Viagra and medical information journals. It's hard to say that it's all spam bots because then it will flood with 100+ posts in a day. So I think it a manual labor of some group that targets popular forums to advertise/backlink.Until we have some kind of plan all we can do is to use REPORT and moderate as soon as possible. OpaQue is planning to upgrade our forums but when exactly I don't know. Let's hope that the updated version has better spam blocking feature.


So I think it a manual labor of some group that targets popular forums to advertise/backlink.

Nice to see that we are a popular forum.


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