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Why Asp


What can be done using ASP?


That is a VERY wide question.ASP and ASP .NET now are very useful scripting languages that allow full fledged web based applications to be developed. If you have used perl or php you will have some idea of the breadth of things possible with asp. Obviously if you can provide a more specific question, if you are wondering if something in particular can be accomplished for example, then a more appropriate response can be given. For now, how about we stick with saying a lot can be done You can create pages, generate custom pages, interact with databases, communicate between pages, have web forms, etc. A large portion of the things that are considered customary online can be performed in ASP while also having a strong code backend to allow for some complicated tasks to be carried out.Again, if you can be more precise about what you are curious about in regards to ASP it would be quite helpful in responding.


not my topic but.. :Dis ASP good for making a textbased game?


Yeah that's what i was wondering. I see ASP used by many websites so i was wondering the same thing whether it is needed for a text based game?


What do y'all mean by text based? Like old skool Adventure(classic BSD game , srsly.. get the dragonfly bsd live cd and boot just to play it..) or like RPG web games where you just choose someone to attack and click the button and it does everything?In both cases it is a viable solution, as you can use C#/VB.NET with ASP.NET allowing you to easily write the back end for the game and not have to worry about PHP exploits on certain include statements and other PHP sploits. (granted it opens a new range but if you do it right none of that would ever be a problem)The first game I talked about what you would need todo is have 2 text boxes one for input one for output, and just read the input and process it and output the correct reactions.The 2nd one, You will need a database to store everything in, for the database backend my I suggest C# and LINQ?(linq allows a programmer to access/read/write to a database in native C# syntax tho it is only for .NET 3.5) and have it managing the users and their stats. For either one look into Microsoft Expression 2 as it has full support for ASP.NET/AJAX/ and coding the pages backend in C#/VB.NET


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