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Something Is Wrong When Linking (dev-c++)



I am trying to learn how to use OpenGL.
I am Ăşsing a compiler named dev-c++.
I was following a very simple tutorial that would teach me how to make a simple window in OpenGL.
But I got a strange error.
So I tryed to find a tutorial that would teach me how to install GLUT, because the tutorial I was following, that teached me how to make a window, used GLUT. Anyways, I did whatthe tutorial told me to do, and that didn't work. So can anyone please tell me how I can install GLUT, and how to link everything etc, when working with OpenGL.
I hope you understand what I want and BTW.. here is what the linker executed:

c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x17):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `__glutInitWithExit@12'c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x3b):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `__glutCreateWindowWithExit@8'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x67):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `__glutCreateMenuWithExit@8'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x9a):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glClearColor@16'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0xa7):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glClear@4'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0xaf):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0xee):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glFlush@0'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x134):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glutInitDisplayMode@4'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x149):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glutInitWindowSize@8'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x158):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glutInitWindowPosition@8'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x178):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glutDisplayFunc@4'
c:\dev-c++\lib\untitled1.o(.text+0x180):untitled1.cpp: undefined reference to `glutMainLoop@0'

Thanks //Feelay


try putting this code at the top of the code:

# include <GL/gl.h>
# include <GL/glut.h>


thank you =) But my problem was that I couldn't install glut.

But I solved it. The solution was the following.
I tryed to follow this tutorial:
Installing Glut To Dev C++, A tutorial to install GLUT on Dev C++

I thought I had the version needed. But when I was on the step where I needed to go to an update button, I couldn't find it. But after some research, I recognized that I had an older version of Dev-C++. So I downloaded the newest beta release, and followed the tutorial again. Now it is working =)


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