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Negative Credits


There seems to be a problem with new members registering and having a negative number of credits:

i joined And i have negative?What the hell i juss joined and i have (-)14009.96 (Negative) credits .. hmm/

You'd better look into that... I too have negative credits [HOSTING CREDITS : (-)13939.69 (Negative)], as well as active hosting, even though it was terminated

Oh, and there's this guy, too:

nickjuly4 - lol, I'm just checking back here after not being here for like... almost 2 years and my posting permissions are still gone, but I have another account, lol. some admins such as OpaQue are such dumbas$es! xD


Hosting credits going negative is due to hosting server's request to edit forum database has failed. And the automatic script to keep synch with the number of hosting account in the forum and number of hosting accounts in the server has to be edited each and every time the forum undergoes an upgrade or server gets updates (like recently).So basically hosting credit for previous hosting accounts must be manually edited by OpaQue. I don't even have the permission to touch forum database (you can see why--the forum database is basically the key to hosting accounts).And regarding nickjuly4, do we really need a member disrespecting admins or moderators?? He/She was suspended 2 years ago and still haven't changed by the looks of disrespecting OpaQue today.


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