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Do Moderator Tutorials Automatically Become Visible?


I just posted a tutorial in Programming on Python. As I understand the system, the tutorial stays hidden until someone releases it. However, it seemed to be visible, so I logged in as a guest, and found that it was indeed visible.If I'm breaking a rule, it is unintentional. If I should have done something to the post to keep it hidden, please explain what, because I will probably post more tutorials in the future.Thanks!


Moderators have the same permission mask as administrators in Xisto--except for ACP.Moderators' topics are automatically bypass the forum permission and over-ride any forbidden mask You're not breaking any rule.


Of course, just for sportsmanship, we could imagine that you hide your topic (unapprove it) and wait until another mod approves it or deletes it...


lol, just for fun? Wouldn't that just be like more clicks since we are moderators anyways? Publish then approve your own post ... lol; or bug another moderator to approve your post, even though you could've do it by yourself.xboxrulz


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