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A Moderating Guide For The Astahost Staff Many things have changed and many of the moderating topics no longer a


First of all, I really want to thank everyone that is on the staff here. This includes those staff members that have moved on or have yet to come. A while ago, OpaQue the owner of the website posted a very good topic about what we expect from the staff here.


I have attempted to update the article to reflect our current system but I may have missed something. Nevertheless, you really need to read it: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/83208-topic/?findpost=1064298658


As suggested, since the creation of the website, many things have changed in the way we manage and moderate the forums. Most of these changes are directly related to the changes in the credit system used to fairly reward our users with free hosting.


Let me start by explaining how the system used to be so that you won't get confused as you read the other moderating articles here.


The credit system awarded points to the user based on the size of the "content" of his post. If the post was a tutorial, additional credits were awarded later. If a member's posts was deleted, his credits were removed except for the first post of the topic "The Topic Starter". The Topic Starter had to be removed by an Admin only so that the credits of the user could be removed! Additionally, members could not edit their posts because the credit system didn't adjust the points for the new post so a user could post 10,000 words of junk get the credits and then edit the post to something with 50 words but keep the credits. So the staff had to do ALL post editing!

This system was updated later so that the topic starter of a tutorial automatically got a credit bonus so that staff didn't have to award the credits any longer.


The Current System

The new credit system takes into account nearly every moderating issue we may come across here. The system automatically adjust the users credits if a post is edited, deleted, merged, split, moved to or from a non-post count forum, moved to or from the tutorials forum, etc. The new system even allows for an entire topic to be deleted now and removes the credits from each member's post automatically. In fact there are very few situations in which the system will not properly adjust credits. I will not discuss any of the situations which could be used to cheat the system.


So here is the current method used to moderate the forums:

First, you are a staff member at Xisto which means that you are right! Every other staff member will support any decision you make regarding a member, post, or topic. However, other staff members may offer advice, in private, if they feel that their peer may need it.


If you have a problem with a moderator, you need to discuss the problem with an Admin; if you have a problem with an Admin, you need to discuss it with OpaQue; if you have a problem with OpaQue, you need to discuss it with him or leave.


So, who is OpaQue? OpaQue is the founder and principle stock owner of the Xisto corporation which owns Xisto. He started Xisto after he got fed up with "free hosts" and decided to start his own. Xisto is just like Xisto but is much less technical! Xisto is a good place to refer users that you don't feel will be able to keep up with the posting requirements here for free web hosting.


Just to make this as clear as possible, no matter how many places you see this in the forums, we no longer have to manually adjust credits and we can delete entire topics without the need to adjust credits.

Remember, if you delete an entire topic, every post is also deleted and every user that replied to the topic will lose the credits that they earned in that topic!


SPAM - Unsolicited electronic advertisements.

Since we require members to post to get hosting, we get a lot of JUNK, SPAM, off topic, plagiarized, small or otherwise unacceptable posts. We usually refer to all of it as SPAM here!


In the General Forums:

Small or one line posts, off topic posts, advertisement posts, posts with referral links, and general spam should be deleted and the member warned.

When warning the member, be sure to explain what the deleted post was so that we can track if a user posts a lot of one liners or SPAM...

If the above refers to a topic instead of a post, follow the same steps unless the topic somehow managed to spark a useful discussion. If there are a number of replies but the topic is generally worthless and most of the replies are no better, delete them all. Large replies can be moved to "The Orphaned Posts Home" (Topic 17894) which will prevent the repliers from having their credits deducted. Most of the time, just delete them, the members have been warned that they may lose credits if the topic they replied to is deleted as SPAM.

Plagiarized or copied posts or topics need to be deleted! Not only are there legal issues with leaving such content on the website, having copied material lowers our page rank which lowers the advertising income generated. Not to mention, it really looks bad to have a forum filled with stolen material! The member really needs to be suspended indefinitely through the warning system. Just select suspend for 9999 days which is more than 27 years! Be sure that you mention that the user was suspended for plagiarism so that an Admin can change the users group to Banned when there is a chance.

Off topic or misplaced topics and posts When possible, move to the correct forum or topic. If there isn't a good place for a topic, deleted it. Usually off topic replies should be deleted. If a topic seems to have a post in the middle of it that changed the direction that the discussion is going in, you may want to split the topic into two topics.

Duplicate topics and similar topics If there are two topics that seem to have the same or very similar subject, you may want to merge the two topics.

When you warn a member or delete his post, you need to review his other posts and topics and determine if those also need to be dealt with! This is particularly true with copied material!


In the Tutorials Forum:

Be sure to check before you approve (set visible). If a post is less than 500 words but is useful, move it to the appropriate non-tutorial forum. If the tutorial is less than 500 words and not very good, deleted it! If the tutorial is less than 100 words, good or bad, you should more than likely delete it!

If the tutorial looks too good to be true, it is! Check several different lines on Google and maybe one other search engine. CopyScape can check the entire post if you set it visible first but limits the number of times you can use it for each website so use it sparingly. Copied tutorials need to be deleted! Member suspended.

When moving a topic from the tutorials forum to another forum, first set to visible (approve) then move to the correct forum.


Hosting Applications:

Moderators can pre-screen applications for host if they have time and if determined that the user will definitely not be granted hosting, you may deny the application. Additionally, you may wish to voice your opinion that the application be approved by replying to the post but setting the reply to invisible so that the members can't see your endorsement! Again, if you determine that the user won't get hosting, please deal with whatever issue caused the member to be denied. For example, if the user posted 20 posts and all were less than 10 words, then go and delete the junk posts and warn him.


Now, some useful information:

Splitting Post From A Topic

Merging Forum Topics


Other considerations:

Topic titles are very important! Not only do they help our members determine whether or not they may be interested in the topic, they greatly affect the number of visitors we get from search engines. Be sure to edit topic titles when they aren't very accurate or descriptive. To do this, you can either click and hold on the title in the forum view or select the Moderator options drop down in the topic view to change the title.

Topic descriptions are also important! Again, these are very important to edit. If the topic doesn't have a description, add one or edit unclear or poorly written description. the same way you edit the title.

One line posts This is absolutely never acceptable for the first post. I don't care what it says, delete it. If it is a reply by an established member that usually does not post such small posts, you can leave it if you which.

SPAM! Actual SPAM of the unsolicited advertisement nature must be dealt with carefully! We have a system in place that makes it very difficult for SPAM bots to post in our forums but when someone figures out how to get by that, we get a lot of spam posts in a very short period of time. I'm talking about 20 to 25 a day instead of 1 each week! When this type of situation occurs, please do not delete the spam. We need it! The post has IP and user information that we use to prevent additional spam from reaching the forums. Please set the post or topic to invisible, warn the member and suspend him, then move the SPAM here! We use the information to create rules for the users registration email address, IP address, and links posted. Additionally, we use that information to locate other accounts on the server that are potential spammer accounts.


When in doubt, set the item to invisible and contact another staff member! You can either send a PM or better yet, use the report system. Just click on the "! REPORT" button under the post in question. We can always set it back to visible if we determine if the item is okay.


Now for my input:

If you see a problem, fix it or report it to another staff member to fix. We have a lot of problems around here that get overlooked. Sometimes it is just because we stop seeing the problems after we've been here a while and other times, we just don't want to deal with it!

Please review at least on tutorial each time you log on! Our members go to a lot of trouble to either write a tutorial or look one up on Google to copy. The least we can do is take a look and approve it or delete it. Be sure that you check for copied content! I know, if it is copied, you have to deal with the member that posted it but that is the job. You'll have to check all of the user's posts now I know but, I've been doing this since 2005 and I can't tell you how many problem members could have been dealt with quickly and easily if their first copied post had been dealt with. Instead 100 posts later, you have to go back and delete all of those posts and try to avoid deducting too many other, good, members posts.

If the post or topic is bad, deal with it Just like the tutorials, when you find the problem, please fix it and double check the user in question. I can't say that too much. A member that post one bad post is likely to post another and another.


If anyone wants to try and clean up the Staff forum, please go ahead!


There is just one more thing that you really need to read: New Information For The Xisto Staff To Consider!, What we want and what you'll get.

You'll like that particular topic, I promise!


Well, that is it for now.




Thanks for Re-writing the Tutorial and my short into there.The member flow at Xisto is less due to strict rules.But the Quality of Feedbacks we receive here beat Xisto Feedbacks any day!We have to find more ways to attract good members


vujsa rocks!


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