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Need Suggestions From The Staff - Again! Need More Moderators.


Well, I've cleaned out the remaining inactive moderators. Every staff member that has served here has done a great job but eventually, their lives either get too busy to hang out here as much as they used to or they just lose interest.


And usually even active staff member tend to do less moderating after a while which is my situation. The job is a lot of work sometimes! For example, reviewing a tutorial:

How is the tutorial: Bad, Good, Great, Too Good (probably copied)

Check a few different lines on Google to see if it is copied.

- Approve or delete

- Recheck on CopyScape by approving and using the topic url at http://www.copyscape.com/

Warn the user for bad or copied content.

Check user's other topics to see if they are suspicious.

It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes for every tutorial I review.


Anyhow, long story not very short, we need suggestions for new staff members.

Preferably someone that is very active, been around for 6 months or more, and seems to post good content.

Additionally, the candidate needs to be hosted.


I look forward to your suggestions.




I usually am just like a traffic cop, I just make sure everyone is following the rules. I don't have too much time to review things, nor do I have the patience. However, I've cleaned out a lot of spam lately.xboxrulz


I have DOCDUKE in mind. And I know he is very new but he has great potential :-)


Perhaps yordan?


Well, if there are no objections, I'm going to invite DocDuKe an yordan to join the staff.Give me some feed back.vujsa


I agree with yordan, I have no clue who docduke is so cant comment. But yea I imagine yordan would be a great help


Sent an invitation to docduke and yordan.vujsa


I haven't even heard of Docduke but Yordan, he's very active and would be a great moderator.xboxrulz


I haven't even heard of Docduke but Yordan, he's very active and would be a great moderator.

Thanks for such a nice opinion, I feel very proud. I hope I will not disappoint such a nice trusting.


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