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Search Limited To Words Of Four Or More Letters


Why do we limit searches to words of four or more letters. I have a feeling that some of the topics I've started threads for were discussed before, but I couldn't find them because they were in regards to three letter acronyms, so I couldn't search for them, and a search for the full meaning turned up nothing. I don't know if there is a good reason for this, or if it is a default we never changed.~Viz


I always automatically assumed it was just to save time/processing power during site indexing to avoid having to index the mass of I's, a's, an's, he's, it's, etc that plague the language lol. I might be completely off base about this but yea... first time I encountered that issue that was what I just assumed it was.As far as it being a nuisance I agree, I too have looked up numerous acronym based searches only to have the pivotal search 'word' dropped. Maybe adding 3 letter words to the search would be a good idea.


If speeded indexing is possible, then it should be possible to simply exclude common words like articles and pronouns, right?~Viz


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