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Lost Credits Again.. Nothing to see here...


Hmm I know a thread was posted in the hosted members support from a user about this last week, but once again I have noticed an odd decrese in my credits ;(Yesterday I was browsing the boards for new threads and thought I would do a credit check.I had 7.XX credits I cant really remember the exact amount just that it was 7.Im away for a few days next week so I thought I would make a Tut to boost my credits.This morning when I login I posted a couple of replies to posts (I think no more credits than 1.5) then checked my credits again.3.49 is my credit total atm.So if you take off the 1.5 I just earned makes it 2 credits.Somehow I have lost 5 credits yesterday....About 3 other people have complained recently about vanishing credits..I think this needs to be looked at...


You never know who might have edited your posts I can't think of the credit system being so complicated that there might occur errors in the code - it's worked perfectly for me ever since, and I am sure there is a logical explanation for the loss of your credits.


I'd have to lean to agreeing with pyost on this one, I've been here years and never had credits magically disappear, I'm not saying its impossible, just seems highly unlikely. Might be worth waiting for one of the higher ups to check into it though.I cant remember the user but I know at least one person complaining of missing credits lately I deleted stuff they posted, and told them this, and they still seemed to "shout" on the shoutbox about losing credits magically heh


It might not be the same person, but the one I'm thinking about right now found out it was his fault - he had edited a post and didn't know this affected the credits. Of course, I know Mark420 is acquainted with that function, I'm just mentioning it.


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