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Notice Is Working Again


Hey guys, Got the NOTICE bbcode working properly again. The actual code was still in place - but the CSS and the title-bar graphics had gone missing. They were being read off faqs.astahost.com (that's where I'd dumped them) - but somehow they got wiped out (prolly when FAQs got hacked). I've put them up again under my chaos-lab account and changed the CSS url. Seems to be working just fine now. I'd have fixed it long back - but it came to my notice only today.Cheers,m^e


Good work M^E, I hadn't even noticed it was a problem, probably because I was in China, but whatever. Also, any progress on the credits plugin for Firefox?~Viz


Aaaah... the credits extension.. urgh !! Don't even talk about it.. FF Extension Development is still one of those nastier things to me + I gotta take some time out to study the new packaging technique of FF2.x.. The earlier one I'd designed was more or less functional - but it won't work with the newer FF anymore coz of the changes in xpi structure.


Notice from pyost:


astahost got cracked into, how didn't I know that :S?xboxrulz


Oh, you know, someone got into the FAQ system and set up a redirect, if I am not mistaken.


We've talked about getting an email account to be used by moderators (and administrators, of course) on behalf of Xisto, i.e. moderator@Xisto.com etc. And, to be clear, I was against the idea.Since we're in the subject of using personal accounts to enhance Xisto, I'd like to raise once again the need for dedicated hosting account for Xisto forum moderators/administrators.If we can work out the details of when this hosting account would be used, who would use and how it would be used I think we can have this account to send emails as Xisto and use it to store necessary CSS or other files.If this can make moderating job and function easier, please let me know.


why doesn't anyone tell me that there's new news :S, I feel quite left out, no one told me about that? (points to BuffaloHELP's post) B)xboxrulz


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