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What Should Be Done Here?


Take a look at this user's posts -> richieI gave him a warning and 15 days without posting rights, only to find a bunch more of his crappy posts (continuous copying/pasting of his own replies to spike up the credits). I see that this user is a hosted member now, but I'm thinking of giving him the boot at this stage...


Hey guys, sorry not been round for a while but work,kids,illness, etc have taken effect bigtime on my life atm ;((I have had a similar thing this morning with a user called hazemmostafa I checked out a huge post on SEO tactics from him that was about 4 pages long and ALL copied from someone where else.He already had a warning of 40% so i adjusted it to 60% and warned him that I have disabled his posting rights for a week and told him to start backing up his site cos I will looking at more his posts and if I find any copied posts I would terminate his hosting too.Wow!! it took me all of 30secs to find another one!! So I have sent him a msg that I will be terminating his account today..I will give him some time to do a backup.Is that fair?About Richie..I thinkthe same things apply here..give him a msg to tell him to start a backup because he is about to loose his hosting rights as well as his posting rights.Give him a day then terminate him..Marky;)


I would agree with that. Giving a warning then killing their account is more then reasonable. We provide a free service and if they abuse their end of the arrangement we have no obligation to continue upholding our end. The warning before suspension is really even more then we need to do but it is courteous and we should be the bigger people in the situation But yes, if someone gets hosting then starts cheating there way to credits, and the first warnings don't sway them, I agree with this course of action.


Thanks for the good suggestions guys. I will do just that.Yeah, that hazemmostafa user has been up to my last nerves lately as well. I'll give the warning to backup before they are terminated...PS: I hope everything will be back to normal soon for you Marky.


richie has been a mediocre member in Xisto as well. He informed me few days ago that he wanted to move to Xisto. I do not believe his post qualities are not up to par with Xisto's standard. Therefore do what you would normally do to any inefficient contributing member.If the member's hosting becomes suspended/terminated he can re-apply with better understanding of this forum


I have another one at:


This member seems to have copied the guide from:


I'm not sure if he is the author or not and have asked him about this. If this is not his, it's an automatic ban IMO since he copied a HUGE section there to get all the extra credits.

Are members allowed to post their own content without quoting? Let's say he did create that guide...it's a lot of work from the looks of it.

I'm contacting the user (presumably author?) at the other site now to see what I can find out


I had to wrestle with "do I need to quote my own words" too many times at Xisto. And I had to make up rules as I went on since both forums, Xisto and Xisto, did not specify when to QUOTE in this case.So this is what I came to conclude. Both forums are striving to collect original posts and discussions. So if it was published else where FIRST, then it must be quoted in our forums.


Yeah, it's been on my mind as well before I was a Moderator here. Had some tutorials that I created that I wanted to put up, but figured it wasn't proper to do this...it's like double dipping :)Will ask the user to quote it then


it's like double dipping

I was going to come back and add but you took the words right out of my mouth That's exactly how I feel, too.

And I have extended "no double dipping" to include any works submitted to school or work cannot be submitted on Xisto for credits--whether they are hosting or not. Not only the educational institutes have rules about this--when any paper is submitted to school/university it becomes the property of that school/university--it may be in violation of copyright laws.

Heck, if members can submit their school paper I can gain 5 thousand credits (give or take few hundreds) by posting my thesis on Protein Kinase A synthesis which consist of 500 pages, 10 pt font, and single spaced.


I hear ya BuffaloHELP. 5,000 credits...mmmmm

So if the full guide wasn't posted anywhere else, is he allowed to post the rest of it here? From what I found so far, he's one of the contributors to the making of that Runescape guide.

Same member (still didn't confirm that he wrote that guide yet), but this time causing problems at:


Just blatantly doing it now to piss someone off now. I just read in the Shoutbox that he's terminating his own hosting account. I still see Hosted under his Profile. So is he still hosted?

Trying to give him just one last FINAL chance before he's outta here.

Got one more quick question. Affiliate/Referral links...are they allowed at all even if the user posted another link stating that they can click on that one instead? I always hated these and even had some argument with a member that stated this was ok in the terms of service. I remember reading about these referral links issues in the past (over a year ago), but can't recall where I saw it. Can't find it now


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