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Hosting Application Status News notice from OpaQue


I am making this topic to keep you up to date on the status of Gamma server and request for hosting application approval. From time to time I will use this thread to let everyone know when to freeze the application approval.


RED means to halt all application approval (this means you can still deny ineligible applicants)

GREEN means it's all good to go--approve as normal


As of this post the status is RED and Gamma server is in READ-ONLY mode. This will have effect on members trying to upload new files or modify existing ones.


Thank you


Buffalo, does that mean the Moderators can also approve topics now or still just the Administrators?


Nope, we can only deny applications (works for me, I like when people suffer )


Thanks pyost. Denying it is then But I do see that we can also recommend to approve a member if we see that the user deserves it


But I do see that we can also recommend to approve a member if we see that the user deserves it

Although I think it is important to leave approvals to admins only, I personally would not forbid moderators stating something about the application. I just hope that it does not give false-hope when a moderator recommends the applicant but the admin denies the application. And so, the final word would be from admins who know more about this forum than I


The web hosting approval status is now GREEN.


I just hope that it does not give false-hope

Actually, Mark420 has dealt with this in an elegant way. He would post a reply/recommendation, but unapprove it, so no member would be able to see it This was there is no false hope.


How do moderators approve hjosting accounts anyways? Do we just simply say that they're approved?This has been throwing me off the whole time.xboxrulz


Well, we don't approve them. You just write a reply post saying "I consider this member to be good enough for hosting" or something like that, and then unapprove (hide) the post - you know how to do that, right?


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