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Remember Me Issues On Login


Lately I've been noticing issues with the Remember Me feature of the login. If I check the page everyday, it's fine. But if I am unable to visit (like yesterday when I was traveling) for one (or maybe it's two) days, then I get logged out. Is this intentional functionality? Because I have to admit, it's pretty annoying.~Viz


Now that you mention it, I have had the same problem several times during the past month, even though I visit Xisto on a daily bases. Not that it bothers me much, but it would be nice if we knew what the problem was.


It's more a matter of principle for the annoyance with me. If the functionality was intentionally cut, then the option should be removed, and if the functionality was not supposed to be cut, we should fix it. And I looked through the cookies, and most of them seem fine, although I think the culprit might be one that expires "at end of session". Going to restart firefox now to check that out.~Viz


Nope, I stayed logged in, so I don't think that's the culprit.~Viz


It had seemed to be fixed for a while, but nope, although I was logged in yesterday, today when I access the page, I'm logged out. I would appreciate it fi an admin could take a look. In the meantime, I'll start keeping a detailed log of when it happens.~Viz


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