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Why Use Ftp Softwares?


Well I have 3 years of experience in FTP using just Windows Explorer but lately I've just heard of these FTP softwares like smartFTP, cuteFTP and fileZilla. I haven't used any of these but to me I think Windows Explorer is fine with me because it's just like managing files in local folders. So I would like to know what the advantages are if I was to use any of these FTP softwares.


Well it depends on your usage really. I am the opposite where after my first try I never used explorer again, you don't get much in the way of logging or reporting in general as far as I can remember, as well (correct me if I'm wrong) advanced settings would be difficult(?).'If it ain't broke don't fix it' I don't see why you would *need* to switch. But if you have the time to experiment you might find the software is more functional. If during the install of an FTP program you would pick "Basic Install" I'd say you would be just as happy with explorer.Features I'm unsure explorer supports but FTP software would:-File resume-Folder sync-Multiple connections (I guess just multiple windows?)Ive used all three before I made the final switch to Linux only at the time cuteFTP was my favorite.-Jordan


The best parallel that I can draw between using Internet Explorer as a FTP client is trying to type a term paper in Microsoft Notepad. For the absolutely basic tasks Internet Explorer is ok but you are missing an entire world of possibilities. I will take updating my webpage as an example.

1. Internet Explorer 7 no longer allows using usernames and passwords to FTP so there is no way of accessing your HTML directory.
2. Internet Explorer does not show a split view of both the local and remote file system. This is handy when you are navigating the remote site. Internet Explorer also acts like Windows Explorer. This may not exactly be a downfall but I prefer the split view much better.
3. When a stand alone FTP client crashes, the whole operating system does not go down the drain. This applies for those system timeouts that happens frequently with Internet Explorer.
4. Most FTP clients have a queue option. This way you can get different files from many remote folders without having to baby sit Internet Explorer.
5. FTP client allow for auto resume. Nothing destroys your day like downloading a 3 Gb Linux DVD and having it crash 12 hours later and having to start all over again.
6. You can change the file permissions with a FTP client. I have had to do this many times with my website. This is usually a lot faster than firing up my SSH client.

These are just a few of the reasons to not use Internet Explorer. Even if I had a very simple task I would never use Internet Explorer again unless I absolutely had to. A very functional and free client is Filezilla. You can download it at https://filezilla-project.org/. I think once you try it you will not go back.


First FTP is seriously a bad protocol. why ?
1) its susceptible to many kinds of network attacks (look here)
2) The protocol uses plain text username/pasword so any simple sniffer is capable of revealing your username and password.

we should use SFTP which is tunneled within a SSL communication or SCP (which is a pure SSL oriented File transfer Protocol)


Do any of these programs feature an easy way of changing file permissions? I'm talking like bulk file permission changes because that's the main reason I want to move. If they don't then I'll stay with Explorer.


yes.. changing permissions on a directory should give you the result.however, you really need to use the FTP client s/w to make you sure its helpful. Its way much better than from IE.


Well, I was never dependant on Microsoft software for my Internet needs, I use FreshFTP for my FTP needs. Actually, if you're too used to using the Windows Explorer and its folder-pane interface, then maybe its fine to use it for minor FTP transactions. But if you really want to use FTP to synchronize between your server and PC, then I'd surely recommend using an FTP client meant to do that! Basically, windows just ports the ability to perform FTP transactions, its not really meant to be used solely for it. An FTP client gives you:

Advanced preferences, like using passive (PASV) or active mode.

Multiple connections to speed up transfers. It basically optimizes the process, which Windows doesn't.

A console to see what exactly are the commands sent to the server (You can pretty much learn from it!)

Synchronization of offline and online folders.

In fact, no matter how much you praise the Windows GUI (I agree its good ) - its not exactly a Pro UI for TP browsing, and you'd need one if you use it pretty often!


Well I have 3 years of experience in FTP using just Windows Explorer but lately I've just heard of these FTP softwares like smartFTP, cuteFTP and fileZilla. I haven't used any of these but to me I think Windows Explorer is fine with me because it's just like managing files in local folders. So I would like to know what the advantages are if I was to use any of these FTP softwares.


I would reccommend BulletProof FTP. Dont use the standerd software on windows xp! its not good. most of the time you cant connect to youre host. ive seen it a lot, and i have expierenced it a lot with expirimenting on diffrent hosts!

Good Luck!



I mostly upload my files through HTML-Kit's built-in Workspace feature, It also allows for server-side file editing, so that is a major advantage.When uploading stuff other than pages of PHP, HTML, XML, etc, I use the FireFTP extension for Firefox (and also in Flock). It has local and remote filesystem view and some more advanced features that I like.I used to use AceFTP 3 but I found that it crashed too often for anything useful and CuteFTP just wasn't for me. I found SmartFTP unsuitable because it was bloated with features that I didn't use. I've never tried FileZilla, but my software works fine for me.Windows Explorer is good for downloading small files or checking the size of certain file(s). It isn't recommended to upload a large amount of files through Windows Explorer because it can crash too easily and you have to site there and watch it. I have the Xisto on a "My Network Places" but I don't go to it very often.


I have to say that I absolutely love the windows ftp client.As for Internet explorer 7 not supporting it...yes that is true...however..to fix this, you go to my computer...and in the address bar you type in your ftp address....this makes it work like before.As for permissions, I love being able to simply select my files, right click and then change the permissions by checking boxes.To me, the ftp client is so easy to use because of the fact that it is just like using windows...and doing files that way..almost as if you are not communicating with a remote computer.So I am waiting/searching for an ftp client that does this (particularly in linux) but until then, i'll continue to use the ftp capabilities microsoft provides.


i use smart ftp its a great program and its way faster than windows internet explore here is a description of this shareware program

* Secure Connections (TLS / SSL)
- 168 bit, HIPAA compliant.
* Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
* Multilingual (more than 20 languages)
* File/Folder Synchronization
* IPv6
* On-the-fly Compression (MODE Z)
* UTF-8 Support
* Drag & Drop
* Multiple Connections
* Auto reconnect and resume of broken transfers
* Transfer Integrity
Verified Transfers (XCRC, XMD5, XSHA)
* FXP support
* Remote Edit
* Enhanced NAT/UPnP Support
UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), ICS, ICF
* Transfer Queue
- Scheduling
- Uploads/Downloads/FXP
- Unlimited simultaneous threads
* International Domain Names (IDN)
* Proxy / Firewall support
Wingate, Winproxy, CSM, Checkpoint FW-1, Raptor
* Backup Tool
* URL Watcher
* Cache Remote Directories
* FTP command line
* Custom Commands
* CHMOD (Properties)
* and much more ...

this list contains most of the features half of witch arent found on internet explorer so i suggest to all of you upgrade a little bit and do stuff faster lol


First of all, although both IE7 and Windows Explorer are linked through some of the same background utilities, they are different programs. Windows Explorer makes a decent FTP client, especially when you open the folder view sidebar. However, I found it has too poor maintained connections for my taste. It does have its advantages though, in that for some types of files you can just edit them remotely through Windows Explorer. Personally, I use FileZilla for the single uploads, or really large uploads where I want a stable connection. Mostly though, I use Dreamweaver (and older clunkier version, uggh) for web developement because I like colorized text, so I just use its ftp capabilities to keep my local and remote copies in synch. It usually does a good job, although sometimes, for unknown reasons, the initial setup can be a pain. And sometimes for unknown reasons it just won't connect to the server. I default to fileZilla or Windows Explorer in those cases.~Viz

Deranged Gamers

ftp is where you upload from a program directly to your ftp site. then your site can use images and files from the ftp.

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I use smartFTP. But I can do everything I do in windows explorer that I do in smartFTP... I guess the only reason why I don't use windows explorer is because when I connect with windows explorer it says my username and password at the top. So just about anybody on my computer can gain access to my websites and change or delete my files. I don't really use all the fancy stuff with smartFTP, but it might come in handy one day.


One thing I would have expected but isn't there is the option to edit the files directly at the server. Ah well, I think Windows Explorer is good too, and it's just as good as many other clients. Too bad I can't get SmartFTP to work with my Xisto account though.


windows explorer didnt seem to work greatly for me, the connections were rather slow, and it doesnt have as many options as a dedicated FTP program.


People tend to use FTP sfotware because it has unnumerous features like:You can have a list of your servers, without having to remember them all.You have Logs for your actions and mostly of the times, you can actually read why you could not copy that file.You have File Queues, Speed details, Side By Side Explorer trees, and in some applications, you can actually edit a file in real time, without having to copy, open and recopy it.Etc. etc etc.Have fun


FTP software gives you like... more freedom when uploading stuff.i dont think u can CHMOD or stuff like that in windows explorer.I use Core FTP Lite, its really good.i once downloaded this ftp program but as soon as it finished i got 2 trojans so yeah, i halted the computer in pc cillin and then that deleted them. i forgot wot it was called but if you come accross some ftp program with a 1 page site and no email address then dont download it.


I never use FTP on my dedicated server as I never installed an FTP server. I recommend WINSCP. Its a SSH/SCP client that is like an FTP client but runs off port 22 and is therefore more secure/easier to configure. You can set it up on a server that only has an OS (like I had to on my freeBSD server). Its a little slower than FTP but it works great.


I dont have my own server to do that, oh unless it just goes on the computer and it just sends to the gamma server if u set it up like that.a hosting company i know has a "webdrive", it sets up a drive on your computer and to edit your site you just go to the drive (it makes it the S: drive). if i ever bought hosting from there (and once i decide i need to buy hosting i am) i still wouldnt use it because it doesnt seem very secure.

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