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Posting Multiple Links....should They Be Enclosed In Url Tags?


For post #19:


Is this overkill? A lot of them are even from the same site, just different webpage.


Hmm but we can't really stop it unless we sift through every single thread and remove the repeated url tags from the posts. Hell lot of work if u ask me


Yeah, I know what you mean. Haven't seen a lot of these. Just a small handful of users post a bunch of links out in the open like that. Will let it go...


It's a tough call.I do not mean to impose the other forum's "unmentioned rules" but if a member has a habit of posting so many URL's without really contributing to the forum, I give the go ahead to alert the member and then warn if the behavior continues.The post seems to be doing what exactly asked: helping out the member by giving each link with detailed information.And I'm very confident that when Admins sift through this member's past post and approved hosting, it's probably because this member knows not to gain hosting credits by merely posting bunch of URL's.Yes, it's case by case but this isn't the case


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