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A Couple Of Good Ideas? Nothing to see here ;)


Hey guys,A few weeks ago a new member posted a topic that was basically copied from someones tech blog, the author tracked it down and he posted that it was his and wanted the post removed etc etc.I was the first mod on the case so I went to his site got his contact details and emailed him that I had tracked the post back to him and was it him that had posted here to complain.It was him and he was very happy that I had done this and that I promised to remove the post and ban the user.THe user in question had already been warned by me early in the day for 3 other copied posts so we was out the door anyway.But here is where my suggestion is - I had to mail him from my private email account and it seemed odd to him and to me when I thought about it.Could it be possible to have the Mods and Admins make thier own email addy @Xisto ? this way we look more proffesional in our mails to the outside world if we have to make them.Also I got another suggestion while I think about it ;)Mods can really help the Admins when dealing with hosting requests, we check them out anyway and Deny requests but how about we help out the Admins by helping them approve requests.We could do this by checking the posts out like we do anyways but then if we think they should get a package we could add a reply and set it to invisable "Request Approved:User has made good posts and no spam or copied posts..I Approve them..Mark420"What do you think? ofc we could also post that the user needs to be checked over.This way the admins could skim through the posts a bit quicker I think.What do you think guys and gals?Mark@Xisto.com ?


I love the idea of approving webhosting requests. I looked around a little earlier and thought I saw some mods denying requests (?). So right now, I assume we have the right to deny only but not approve right?I second the email addy idea. Probably won't use it much, but will be useful to have in situations as Mark mentioned above.


Grr someone deleted the thread I was piling spam into!!Hmm i will make a new one!


I'm sorry that I haven't replied sooner. Been really busy lately. I'll post my situation later...As for the email idea, I'll pass it along. Since Xisto uses the cPanel system, you can understand the limitations provided in such an email account.Someone would have to manually administer email accounts and I don't think OpaQue is interested in that much work.I'll see if we can't get our own Xisto subdomain like staff.astahost.com and the Admins can access the cPanel for it.The approval of hosting applications is a tricky process. OpaQue has specified that only Admins approve hosting accounts. Believe it or not, we have had moderators cheat the system and participate in other malicious activities. Not that I think any of our current staff would do such things but when you start making exceptions to the rules, the rules get lost. Additionally, the process of approving applications isn't just a matter of reviewing all of the members posts and activities. Some times, the hosting approval process has to be delayed due to server problems. We do have enough Admins to get the aplications approved but not all of us are as motivated as others. ;)For a long time, pyost has been denying applications when an obvious problem is found. We appreciate any help the staff provides in this area. I don't even review staff denied applications!vujsa


Good suggestions!I know that I log in sometimes but I let the hosting request to be approved by other admins since I'm not still used to what is considered as quality posts here. Xisto is professional forum. I'm just used to approving Xisto style posts ;)But when I can see that vujsa or other admins are busy I try to chip in as much as I can with approvals. I was invited by OpaQue to manage and support hosting accounts for Xisto. So I try not to hinder forum's "concept" at all... (I do not want to mean that I'm just here at the same time I do not want to impose my adminship here--I know I sound very useless)Anyway, if moderators can screen applicants and deny what is obvious that would be great! Admins can check additional IP information under ACP to spot any member trying to double dip on our free hosting accounts. So the final approval of hosting requests should come from an admin.Since I am not hosting with Xisto, I suppose I can create staff.astahost.com under my name and use it just as emailing account on behalf of Xisto. In the past, I've had many authors who contacted me with similar requests (to remove plagiarized posts in our forum). Simply, I quoted the whole copied article and left my note. I replied to the topic with a reference who contacted me and why the topic is now closed with original source stated. I then PM and email the link to the original author as a proof that our forum has taken an appropriate action towards the request. Usually this was sufficient enough for them.


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