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Can We Put Out A New Rule? were getting spammed to hell1


Yet again today I think ive banned about 6 ppl from posting porn links and general spam from the forums and had to remove many posts.I am starting to notice like someone else mentioned before..its all on topics with "NEW" in the title..is there anyway we can put out an announcement to stop users from using the word NEW in the topic title?This would help us all out till we can get a better security system on our sign ups..I really think this will help us!Marky;)


That's really hard, unless there's a censor built into the forum's censor list to change NEW to current or fresh...xboxrulz


I have noticed that as well, and think it is a good rule. It's enforceability before people post may be a little difficult, depending on how scriptable that kind of thing is. But it shouldn't be too hard to enforce by changing topic titles and warning members, unless there are too many posts with the word "New," but I don't think there will be.~Viz


I will have to disagree with this suggestion. I'm sure it would be easier to moderate this forum... but censoring topic title with limiting which word can and cannot be used is not being a fair and professional forum.just floating my thoughts...


Case in example.. http://forums.xisto.com/topic/89373-topic/?findpost=1064342396

this is a very old thread..someone replied to it yesterday..now its got spam posts on it..its got "new" in the title..


Well, I guess I have to actually weigh in on this one. I was hoping someone else would do it but I have to be the bad guy.


I don't like the idea at all. I understand that this is one of those cases where we know what has triggered the spam but we aren't talking about a lot here.


To give you an idea of how difficult this would be to implement and how disruptive it would be I 'll give you an example:


The title of this topic is "Can We Put Out A New Rule?"!


I'm also not a huge fan of changing a topic title simply to avoid the spam. If a topic tile isn't reletive to the topic or does describe the topic well, then we edit or fix it.


"Newish Forum" is not the same as "New Forum". The first describes a forum that has never been developed before and the second describes a forum that was derived from another forum.


In this case, the guy wants to build a NEW forum from scratch and is looking for a team of designers for this NEW project!


No matter how you look at it, the topic title should use the word new.

It would be better if it were changed to this:

"Developers Needed For The Design Of A New Forum System."


The point is that we don't have to manually edit everyones posts when they leave something out like the old days and knowing that topics with "New" in the title get spmmed is actually about as easy as you can get for finding and deleting spam! The job is pretty easy already, no reason to burden the members with topic title rules when the problem is pretty small. Heck, moderating the topic titles would be MORE work!




Heheh Vujsa..yes the irony of putting "New" in my topic title was not lost on me )But I knew the spam couldnt get here!!If anything the spam seems to have reduced in the last week I think ))Marky;)


Heheh Vujsa..yes the irony of putting "New" in my topic title was not lost on me )But I knew the spam couldnt get here!!

If anything the spam seems to have reduced in the last week I think ))


I hope so, I don't think I can stand search the database too many more nights for spammers. I hope I have added enough filters to slow the spam down to a trickle!



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