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Attention Mods (and Admins) - On Plagiarism


Hey guys,

Earlier on I'd passed on a tool called Plagiarism Finger to a lot of you. It was a real good tool for catching the spammers as it could spot copied posts with far more accuracy than a simple Google Search... However, that was a cracked copy and stopped working properly long since..


Recently I came across a very good service called CopyScape - which does the exact same job for you. It's a search engine which sports a very minimalist interface like Google. To find out copies of the same text - just paste the URL of the Asta post there and it'll give you a list of pages containing similar text. It even gives you statistics on how many consecutive common words were found in both...


Try and use this to your maximum advantage





Just wondering if anyone has used this successfully to catch plagiarism yet. And if you do, compare it to a simple google search for a defining string of words, so we can compare different methods. Because I just used CopyScape on this thread, and it identifies a lot of other Invision message boards because of things common to all Invision boards. So I just wonder how these different tools we have compare, since if it proves easier in the long run to use google, that would be good to know.~Viz


I will use this from now on because my trial for plag finder has run out..but to be honest I preffer jsut to use google..plag finder takes ages to sort out a search when 9 times out of 10 two clicks in google give the same result..


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