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Web Hosting Approval Email [moderator]


When I was approved for free web hosting I never received any email (bulk, junk...nothing).So I'm wondering if this is the same case today. The reason I'm bringing this up is growing number of members are reporting that they have not received email from Xisto.If any moderators (when I say moderators, includes admins) have received approval email please let us know.Otherwise I believe the approved reply should direct a member with the instruction to online activation using the Process page.


Here is the email I got when my hosting was approved:

Hello ,
Your Web Hosting Account application has been approved! You may create/upgrade your Web Hosting Account at


Please be active at the forums. If you are going to use your Domain as our hosting package, kindly point your nameservers to ns1.Astahost.com and ns2.Astahost.com

We kindly request you to post at our forums genuinely. You will have to maintain your hosting credits by posting.

Please checkout our extremely cheap Quality paid web hosting at Xisto - Web Hosting (50mb Space @ $10/YEAR!)

PS: Our paid web hosting accounts are stored on seperate Dedicated servers for unmatched performance.

Xisto.com Management

I think that there are certain situations which prevent members from getting their approval email. It could be a setting in their Gmail account or their personal firewall that prevents the email. Maybe their ISP has our IP on their spam list or other such situation.

With the number of users that I have had complain about the problem, I am guessing that it is an actual problem. I usually point them in the direction of the process page and go on my way.

I haven't had a complaint in a while though. Not since the last server upgrade that cuased so many problems with email etc...



Yes today I have talked to two ppl who didnt get the email from a couple of days ago..I just pointed them over to the proccess page and that solved it for them..


I remember getting an email when I was approved for hosting. I can't remember if it was the first time or the second time, though. I'm pretty sure it was the second time, and maybe also the first, however. And I deleted it, I'm sorry.~Viz


Alright, as long as I know the script is correctly working then resume the current approval note.I will continue to reply with the Process page site. :)Thank you everyone.


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