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Be Careful Deleting Whole Threads


Yesterday I had slightly above 0 credits. Today I am at negative 4. Now, as I see it, there are two possibilities:1) Something wrong with the credit script2) Somebody deleted a whole thread with some of my posts in it.The second situation is more likely, and was the case for a lot of credit disappearances a while ago. I am not too concerned about the credit loss, because it is small and I should be able to make it up easily (especially since this post helps) but just wanted to remind everyone to be careful about deleting entire threads, and to make sure that you actually delete the post you mean to delete.~VizEdit: After posting the above, my credits shot up to 2, and since I don't think the above is a 6 credit post, I'm wondering if there is just something wrong with the credits display.


The credit script is suppose to help out anyone with negative credits. Meaning, if you are at the negative number, the amount you earn calculated higher than while you are at a postive number. This goes the same for member level--if you are at level 1, you earn higher credits compare to when you are at level 2 or higher, etc.Deleting a topic should be considered when there is no other reply to the topic. Otherwise use the split command to rip spam post (move to spam or delete) or simply move the topic with replies to the spam section.Once it's in the spam section, OpaQue can safely delete those posts with a script that will not harm any credit earn members. I know... OpaQue hasn't been running those safe deleting scripts...yet


Okay, so I ran a small experiment (accidentally) and discovered something unexpected with the credit script. Once again, I should be at a slight negative right now. (Less than a full negative credit.) However, I am at -4.03 credits. So I believe either something is up with the credit script. Or my account, or the display of credits on the Xisto page.~Viz


Just out of curiousty, did you delete your own topic to test out?As I recall, there was a script written by OpaQue long ago that subtracted hosting credits via post link. This subtraction deleted double the earn hosting credits--if a post earned 2 credits and was deleted/deducted it would subtract 4 credits.Would this be your case? I think deleting a topic results in double the subtraction...Placing QUOTE arond the whole post substracts correct amount of credits earned.Let us know.


No this test was a simple expiration of credits, hence why it was accidental. No posts were deleted. At least, not to my knowledge. It would be very surprising if someone keeps deleting posts of mine right as my credits are to expire.~Viz


Ah.. so it went from 0 to -4, skipping -1, -2, etc... and no posts were deleted or modified ( just confirming what you said earlier and now tested twice by you).I'll bring this to OpaQue's attention.


I don't actually get how the credit system work out anyways.I got like 26 credits right now XDxboxrulz


Deleting a spam topic in which you have participated will also result in loss of credits. The credit loss depends on the level of participation.


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