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Spammed Topic! This topic KEEPS getting spammed by different users


Hey guys,

dont know why but ALL day this one topic keeps getting spammed
https://8'>https://8 https://8'>https://8 https://8'>https://8'>TOPIC
Different ips different usernames maybe thro a proxy..not had time to really search on these guys yet im too busy tonight.

Can you keep an eye on this topic? im off to bed!!



Perhaps it's because the forum section title "What's New" search engines seem to be loving that phrase.Another reason for only that topic is that, it's the first topic visible after the pinned topic. Spammers probably wrote a script to attack the first topic "write-abled"...if a spammer is doing this manually oh god forbid form them for not having lives :PKeep those spammers coming. What they are doing is just adding aide to track down spamming email registration and their IP addresses.But I know how frustrating it can be. It will die down soon. It's the holiday season, you know


I doubt it will die down, the place of spams will just become more concentrated.


Well atm im bannign about 4-6 ppl a day and removing about 6-8 posts a day and they are hitting the topic mentioned above and one other..anyone got any ideas to keep these idiots and thier bots away??


we need image verification on registration. This isn't really helping us that we constantly have to delete spam.xboxrulz


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