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Am Back.. Finally.. Phew :)


Hey all [],[tab][/tab]Am back - finally - after a prolonged & unexpected break. Took me close to 2 months to get a bloody net connection at my new home that too after a whole lot of begging, pleading & finally cursing and threatening the phone co. here. Anyways feels good to be back in civilization and among all of you. I see a lot of changes here 2 over the past few months and new staff members too. Here's big hello to those whom I haven't met before.. Hope to get back to my earlier routine given a coupla days of decompression time.Cheers,m^e


Hey man! Missed you a lot! Yeah, I can understand your frustration for your service providers. I guess, I m going to learn thai soon, listening to those "Not Reachable" Tapes on phone. Fix your phone fast!Welcome back! *HUGS* .. *PATS*..


I figured you went on a bad trip and got lost in some South East Asian Jungle!Anyway, welcome back. Hope you connection problems are in the past now. Now to the point...Where are you now? Still avoiding marriage. Any new photos to share? The last ones were pretty nice.About a million questions, guess we'll get to them all eventually.By the way, been to AntiLost yet?vujsa



Good to have you back. Did you check your gmail? I believe you also handle FAQ section as well. Would you be so kind and take a look at what's been going on?

I made a topic under STAFF as well as emailed to registered account. Anything renamed to *_suspected_hack files are what I have changed to make sure FAQS.ASTAHOST.COM did not result in redirect to spam ware sites.

Thank you.

PS I have the access to gamma WHM as well. Although I cannot change Xisto's forum database (not under gamma) but let me know the offer made to all staff members in http://forums.xisto.com/topic/91744-topic/?findpost=


Thanks guys vujsa: Yep - still avoiding marriage - but barely. The pressure is tremendous now, both from my parents and my girl. BTW, did I ever mention, am back with my ex-girl from 5 years back and hopefully for good. Got a bunch of new ideas and projects.. just need some time to sit down and write 'em up. I figured what was wrong with my bloody connection. It's the new Connexant modem-router I was using (it came along with the new conn.) I jumped at it seeing the amount of features it has - but that that proved to be the bane. I couldn't figure the damned thing properly and it's got this humongous amount of packet filtering rules that were totally screwing up my link. I'd to switch back to the plain old NetGear one and it works just fine now.BH: Yep - I got your mail and replied to it too (today). Sent you the cPanel pass for faqs. I believe currently it just shows - "Faqs are being upgraded." I've grabbed the latest version of phpMyFAQ and am gonna upload it there. In case the FAQ DB has been screwed up - I've got a full backup just before I went AWOL. So getting all the content back shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for informing me - I'd have replied long back, unless it was for my connection, which wouldn't even load Gmail properly. Anyways.. will work on it first thing tomorrow Cheers guys,m^e


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