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New Information For The Astahost Staff To Consider! What we want and what youll get.


I am pleased to announce that as a staff member, you will now be entitled to a beefier hosting package. BuffaloHelp has implemented this at Xisto and has suggested it to me to offer here. Starting now, any Global Moderator or Admin may receive a special "Staff Hosting Package"!


Staff Hosting Plan:

1GB Storage

10GB Monthly Bandwidth

Unlimited amount for all other features.




There are of course a few conditions and continued expectations as a result.


We really need to concentrat on the following issues on the forum:

Monitoring and editing topic titles - I cannot stress enough how topic titles are important for this forum. There are too may short topic titles or titles with "help with ..." and nothing else to describe the focus of a post. Whenever you edit a topic title, please leave a note so that admin knows a topic title has been changed.


Fill-in the topic description if missing. Send PM to a member and educate the member to follow our forum rules when the topic title and description have been modified.


MERGE similar topics - this is increasingly going out of control. After witnessing 7 topics regarding Firefox, IE and other browsers topics, I feel that "similar topics" mod installed by OpaQue is being over looked. Please do your duty as a mod and control and consolidate topics.


Delete spam, junk, or plagiarized posts and warn members for their actions. Spam topics may be moved to the spam forum if there are a number of innocent replies to it and you don't which to overly punish decent members for the topic starters misbehavior. Be sure to set to closed and inviabled when you move them!


You must stay as moderator group. Once you are off of moderator group, your account will return to normal.


This offer will remain as classified and should not be leaked to the general public. Again, do not repeat this to any other member! I will not see a message requesting to be a mod, will I?


This offer is subject to change without prior notice. But I hope to achieve some good things by offering this package.

If you are interested in this hosting plan, please send a PM to BuffaloHelp requesting the upgrade with your cPanel username in it.


Please do not do anything to jeopordize this wonderful plan we have been offered.

If I hear of any member refering to the Staff Hosting Package, I will revoke the offer! The members may be very upset if they find out we have a better hosting package and we don't need that kind of problem here!



Note: Much of the content of this post was copied from a similar topic at Xisto as posted by BuffaloHelp!


Wow I am lucky!! being accepted as a staff member and getting a new hosting package on the same day!! Thanks a lot guys..and yes we should all keep this away from the members..loose lips sink ships!


So is that mean you would like to part take on staff hosting plan? :)Just in case, I will wait for your PM with your cpanel username.Oh I forget, I won't be available until Friday night or early Saturday. I am changing your hosting plan package without your confirmation. Remember Xisto staff members: your hosting plan will not automatically upgrade. Please PM me because not all staff member might take this plan at this time.


lol this message is reproduced from Xisto's staff forum!...without quote tags!! gasp lol


That's true ... lol, I didn't even notice that.I love this package ... I feel so happy that I'm a moderator :)xboxrulz


lol this message is reproduced from Xisto's staff forum!
...without quote tags!! gasp lol

It was I who suggested post from Xisto to be modeled after... Dooga, if not contributing please keep the comments reserved Okay?


Better late than never, but I just came across this.Unfortunately, until next year, February, I'm completely flooded in work, trying to meet deadlines. My credits have dropped to their all time lowest of 16 days which I've actually considered looking at paid hosting but right now, my site can't be maintained, so I'm trying to wait till I get myself into a situation where I can easily manage it, so I am trying to delay paid hosting as much as I can till I'm ready for it.Does this hosting package follow the same rules with hosting credits and being active?My concerns is, what we have to undertake, does not in anyway benefit our credits which keeps our hosting up. Now I would like to see Xisto continue, and to improve but we seem to be just stepping over the mess than actually cleaning it up. If I could suggest a workaround instead of just saying we no longer have to abide by the credits, how about for our group that our credits drop at a slower rate than those of the regular members.I wouldn't even mind if my sole responsibility was to do what is being asked by fixing up titles etc, the problem is, if I fill my time doing this, I won't make any credits, so I usually tend towards credits than moderating, as I could be gone for months, I think I was gone for over 3 months and am only back for like these few days.Cheers,MC


OpaQue and I had long discussion regarding this moderator's package.And he and I came to the conclusion that hosting credit system should be applied to all hosting members, including moderators and administrators.It is the way hosting script was written to compare values of forum cPanel name, member status (hosted), hosting credits and then lastly with WHM user database. If any of these information is missing the auto termination script will extinguish the hosting account. And it is how OpaQue wants to keep the script to perform the way it is now, without any modification. This is another reason why we do not add additional member ranks (admin, mod, hosted, member, etc.)It is, I suppose, ethical as well--we abide by the same hosting rule.This moderator's hosting plan is available as long as you are moderator of Xisto. When you are able, try to stay as active as possible and request this hosting plan. It will be waiting for you right here


I just read about the great deal (upgrade) for the member plans. Do we get more bandwidth then XD?xboxrulz


So far, I haven't seen any moderator using beyond 7GB bandwidth. Should we consider higher ante?


Maybe its good to give a little extra if required..but as you say none of use our accounts soo heavly so maybe untill somone needs it..then we should have the same package as we have now..which is an amazing deal right from the start 


Moderators who are using Moderator hosting package can request any increase as required. ;)Just PM me.


If Xisto MOD hosting plan has suddenly disappeared...


Since the new update or whatever that's going on with Xisto hosting server, we have lost MOD hosting package. You'll note that you've been reverted back to BETA package.


I plan to bring back the MOD plan once I resolve these password issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I will bring it back with even batter hosting plan for mods.


It seems like the package is back to normal I haven't seen that I lost the mod package over here.xboxrulz


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