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Games Within Games


Can anyone name any games that have games within that game like the mini card games in the final fantasy series.The one I remember is the original donkey kong game that could be found on donkey kong 64 on the n64


The only games that had high rate of replay value was games from squaresoft. Those games had tons of mini games within them. I remember when I bought FF7 I believe there were tons of mini games in that game. For example, there was a arm wrestling game, a bike defending game, a basketball game, a submarine game, and probably more which I cant remember off the top of my head. But yea those games made FF7 what it is now a legend of rpgs, that evolved the franchise even more so than it ever have with its games.Another game that had a cool mini game was also from squaresoft, it was called Xenogears, this game contained a mini Mech Fighting game in it, very fun mini game. It was like you bought 2 games in one, which was a game with a fantastic story and a game that had a gundam like fighting game in it. The number of mechs that were selectable was enormous too, and the graphics for the fighting mini game was like its own game, meaning it was more detailed than I would have ever expect.


The games within games that I always love is when they build arcade machines in the game world that are often an old game from the company or a classic game. Examples of this are the weird ones at the first of Doom 3 or the various card game machines throughout Prey. They aren't really worth playing usually for much time but I love seeing them in games nonetheless.The only ones I have actually taken the time to play much, as you guys have mentioned, are the card games in the FF series.


Cool stuff. Another one that comes to mind is Grand Theft Auto. IN the safe house you can play an arcade game on the tv. Another one is the playing pool in the bar.


What about all Zelda games, anyone?Old adventure games like The Day of Tentacle, Full Throttle, SAM & MAX, The Dig, and some Idiana Jones games also had awesome mini-games.


My boyfriend says Metroid Prime has the original Metroid game in it. And he also says the Collector's edition of Doom 3 for the XBOX has the original games in it. Animal crossing had a million NES games in it that you could find. Final Fantasy Chronicles had those lame card games. Those are all he and I can think of for now.


Runescape has ~110 quests, a games room and tons of other similar stuff.


In the LucasArts classic "Day of the Tentacle" you could play the full version of "Maniac Mansion" (the game to which "Day of the Tentacle" is the sequel) on the computer in Weird Ed's room. I always thought that was pretty hilarious. It didn't really have a bearing on what happened in the rest of the game but it was definitely there.Another game withn a game that I really liked was the arcade console of Baby Pacman with the actual pinball machine attached to it. A truly original fusion of old and new (at the time).


maple story has omok (connect 5) and match cards..but they get boring fast


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