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Agenda: Scripts To Be Fixed current error AstaHost process pages and more


Scripts to be worked on:

Process page

showing php error messages and do not function--except for host activation link all others are non-functioning

questionable issue: host termination does not match with forum member group status


double check to see if any member is receiving free hosting after hosting credit expiration (Xisto had two members)

Please list other known errors encountered while using Xisto forum/hosting services.


Well, here are a few that I've noticed!

I personally do not have access to the reported post feature.

Not sure if this is a problem for everyone but I haven't had the reported post visible for nearly a year.

Possible PostgreSQL problem.

Memeber requested help, sent an email to support.

Not sure if this is a server error or user error since I don't use PostgreSQL.

ACP - Main page, cannot use member lookup function.

Works fine in the management tab but not on the ACP Home page.

The freaking shoutbox!

Could we please have the old shoutbox back.

Everybody hates this shoutbox.

Mostly because it uses the shouters localtime as a timestamp so you really can't tell how old a shout is.


Obviously, some things are more important than others. Hosting errors should be dealt with first.




>>showing php error messages and do not function--except for host activation link all others are non-functioning ==> [FIXED]Please check...


Working fine now.As for the FAQs page, I know it had some problems before, but now it's redirecting me to some aggressive System Doctor installation Is it just me?


Also, a lot of people seem to be complaining about Cron Jobs. I don't know what's the problem, since I don't use them, but obviously they aren't running properly.


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