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Nominations Needed! We need more staff


We could use some nominations for new moderators. Our staff is too small for the number of problems we have to deal with. I understand that some mods are able to spend more time here than others. This isn't the real problem. The problem is the number of mods. We currently have for mods and we need at least two more in my opinion.Give me your nominations and I'll see what OpaQue thinks!vujsa


He's relatively new, but the first name to come into my mind is Mark420. He's around alot, is already pointing out problem members/posts, knows the rules, and loves to help out whenever possible. Thoughts?


I agree with you on that one. He really spends a lot of time on the forums and I've never had any problems with him. I think it would be a pleasure working with him.


However, I also think we should take an older member into consideration. That's why I would like to nominate xboxrulz. Not only is he active, but his warn level indicates that there were never problems with his "behaviour".


Ah, another good choice indeed, I'd be willing to back that decision as well. He's also been helpful whenever theres a problem and he's around alot too. Both needed qualities in modses.


Saint-Michael, a moderator from Xisto, has offered to join us as well.He is experienced and will be a ready to go moderator that doesn't really need any guidance.WeaponX has been here for a while and quietly remains very active in the forums. He has a very high post count and is generally a good guy.I need your thoughts.vujsa


Sent a PM to Mark420, WeaponX, and xboxrulz offering each of them a position on the staff.Will hold off on Saint-Michael for now.vujsa


Please consider adjustments of Staff rank for ndhill and Rudy. Find the next active members and consider them as selective forum moderators.


Ah, so here's where the nominations took place. xboxrulz


Hope I'm not too late :)Glad to join the staff here.


you're never too late to become a staff. You're only too early.xboxrulz


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