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Buffalohelp Acting Admin until OpaQue returns


Hello Xisto moderators;I am BuffaloHELP currently an administrator for Xisto. I was asked to be the acting admin until OpaQue can return to Xisto full-time.This is not a promotion. I am just helping out with account approval. Please feel free to deny any request that does not fit with the guidance of Xisto. I understand that Xisto requires each and every post to be professional, compare to Xisto. And I will need your guidance to show me what is and is not according to this forum's rules.Although I do not have the full control over Xisto hosting accounts like I have with Xisto, but I can modify most of common hosting errors and request such as hosting termination and forum account reset (Hosted to Member group reset).Please feel free to contact me using this thread or via PM. Regarding Xisto Process page: The errors you see while trying to trasfer credits, terminate hosting account and other process are due to Xisto's new firewall. This issue was addressed long ago for Xisto. Please be patient until OpaQue can sort things out for Xisto. The firewall prevents external scripts from accessing the forum directly. OpaQue can and will fix this. Thank you.This topic will close automatically on Nov-01-2006


Just thought I'd say welcome to asta, it'll be good having your help man. Asta's been getting backed up repeatedly lately due to the other admin's not having the ability to put much time into hosting request reviews so having you around should hopefully clean everything up quite a bit. Any and all help is appreciated greatly.


Yeah, welcome to Asta At this moment we really do need some help, since most admins are away :PBy the way, I noticed that vujsa has also been promoted to an admin


It was OpaQue's sincere wish that vujsa also have the access to approval process and take care of this forum :Pvujsa's promotion was going to be announced...but I wasn't sure if this forum presented "congratulations topic" in the past I am experiencing power outage due to severe snow storm last Wednesday. I hope to have full power (not running on power generator) by sometime next weekend. Over 240,000 homes lost power in Western NY.Just to keep you updated, I received an email from OpaQue that he is terriblely swamped with school work for few more weeks. At this point I am not sure if the account activation process will be 100% until OpaQue has the time to see what's causing the issue. It is most likely that the new cPanel is not co-operating with old process script. Until vujsa or I hear from OpaQue all request and activation will be on hold.Thank you.PS ask new members to be patient for now. I would not spread my reasoning for I am uncertain if that's the issue.


An update to my status.I will be remaining as an Admin to Xisto. However, I will ease up on approving/denying hosting requests now that we have enough coverages through out the forum.All hosting related modification--such as checking to see the reason for suspended hosting account, looking into another member's cpanel etc--can be performed by me. The rest are all on automatic using the Process page.Thank you.


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