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Project Offset Upcoming gaming and engine


It's simply astounding. An epic FPS, placed in a fantasy world.

Visit their site and take a look, mainly at the downloads section. There you can see some high quality videos from what the new engine makes possible to do. This promises to be the kickass game from the next years.

You won't regret downloading them, I promise.


yep, pretty amazing :PI'm glad you posted it, I read about them 1 year ago and was also on their site even though they were at an early stage that time it looked fantastic.They even topped it now with the new media releases :PBut with all the new fancy stuff that's coming out I wonder if my machine will be able to run it :/I would like to see it running on my pc :/PS: no wonder it looks so good they work in Newport Beach, CA


Haha yea I remember the first news about P:Offset hit the net right around when alot of top end FPS' were bragging about their graphics, this this tiny like.. under 10 person team (I think) release these demo's of their new engine that puts everything else to shame. I enjoyed it immensly hehe. Good times.But yea I assume my computer couldn't even consider running something of that level but it probably wont be out until when I will need a new computer anyways so... who knows


Been following Project Offset for a while. Or at least, trying.


It has INCREDIBLE potential. I love the idea of uniting FPS and RPG like this, its the ultimate game marriage.


however, news is slow. It's indie. I have doubts of it coming out, or at least.. coming out soon or even a fraction of the potential it shows. Hope it gets more people, a publisher and get the factory going.


If only more news were made available.


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