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Emailer Not Working


Here's what I wanted to do: set up a "puzzle of the day" email delivery system that people could subscribe to.


Here's how I attempted it: using a modified version of an article on asp101 (getting scripts to run on a schedule), I put the following code at the bottom of my site's homepage:





<% If DateDiff("d", Application("LastScheduledRun"), Now()) > 0 Then Application.Lock Application("LastScheduledRun") = Now() Application.UnLock 'Trigger the emailer, which will then redirect back to here. Response.Redirect "/delivery.asp" End If %>



delivery.asp in turn sends off that day's puzzle and redirects back to the homepage.


Well, it worked, sort of. I had my own email as the only recipient for the past 4 days as a test. And I did indeed get the puzzles: 3 times a day. That's problem number 1.


Until today, when I didn't get the puzzle at all. By this time of day, it's usually arrived twice. That's problem number 2.


Any suggestions? Up to and definitely including "try the following free service/script instead"...


Note that this is a godaddy hosted, cheap-as-possible account. I don't believe I can access any kind of scheduled task controller on the server.


Thanks in advance.


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