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Approval Times


I'm not nagging, but THIS topic is giving some wrong pointers.


5. I've already qualified for hosting and have the required credits. How long will it take before my request is approved?

Ans: On Weekdays, it never takes us more than 24 hours to review your application and grant you hosting. However, on weekends this might take up as long at a day and half. Kindly be patient.

I know it is a hard job approving requests, so I think at least this should be edited. It might be best for it to say "several days", because that IS the real situation.


Also, there are some request that are really old. For example, warallthetm has been waiting for over 20 days. Bad karma, if you ask me.


We mods try to deny requests that are obvious for denial, but there's nothing we can do about members who MIGHT qualify.


Yea I've been thinking this for some time, not sure why I never thought to bring it up haha. Lately it seems very few people get approved before getting annoying...er...anxious about it Would be good to let them know what to really expect.


Thanks I've modified it a bit. Should reflect the current approval timing better.


Should reflect the current approval timing better.

More or less.. Some people have been waiting for one month now I can imagine how annoyed they must be


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