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ganeshn11 has been a long time problem here at Xisto for his plagiarism practices. I have found articles from Xisto posted at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Sent a PM to the Admin there. I'll follow up with an email as well. I also posted a new topic at that forum about the plagiarized content.

I adjusted his warning level and sent an email. I suspended his account for 9999 days. I hope to never see him here again.



Hmmm.. good point vujsa. This is something we need to discuss about and put in our TOS as well. Right now we've got our policy set for posting plagiarised articles on our forums - but no definite policy for copying our material and posting elsewhere..What is the opinion of the rest of our staff members ?? And OpaQue & MC too need to respond on this.


Automatic ban. It's basically illegal in most places anyways to steal someone's IP so why should we allow it on the board? Plus it's basically a slap in the face to Xisto, the member having their content stolen, and the board they are posting it on. Burn them at the stake!!!!


The content on Xisto is totally optimized and search engines like Google do find them pretty fast.


I try my best to get the fresh content indexed as fast as possible by giving google recent topic links.


This can just ensure one thing.. Google will know that our material is original since we were the first people to show it. This should lead to black listing of other sites who are copying our material.


Even though, the Google thingy is not so important considering the hard work and time invested by our community members in writing those articles and posts.


The copyrights of a forum are partly shared by the owners and partly by the posters. We cannot as such on our free will take actions against anybody. Internet being a free open space, anyone can take or copy anything from anywhere. The posters of the forums have much higher rights to claim a copyright infringement complaint than us.


To claim any infringement, We have to follow DMCA.


More info can be found here :-



Take Down Policy as explained by Wiki

Takedown example


Here's an example of how the takedown procedures would work:


Alice puts a copy of Bob's song on her AOL-hosted website.

Bob, searching the Internet, finds Alice's copy.

Bob sends a letter to AOL's designated agent (registered with the Copyright Office) including:

contact information

-->the name of the song that was copied

-->the address of the copied song

-->a statement that he has a good faith belief that the material is not legal

-->a statement that, under penalty of perjury, Bob is authorized to act for the copyright holder

his signature

AOL takes the song down.

AOL tells Alice that they have taken the song down.

Alice now has the option of sending a counter-notice to AOL, if she feels the song was taken down unfairly. The notice includes

-->contact information

-->identification of the removed song

-->a statement under penalty of perjury that Alice has a good faith belief the material was mistakenly taken down

a statement consenting to the jurisdiction of Alice's local US Federal District Court, or, if outside the US, to a US Federal District Court in any jurisdiction in which AOL is found.

her signature

AOL then waits 10-14 business days for a lawsuit to be filed by Bob.

If Bob does not file a lawsuit, then AOL puts the material back up.

Any suggestions ?


Uhm... Back away from AOL? No seriously, there is nothing we can do, unless the material copied is specifically copyright protected (eg. poetry I write, publish on my own site, and is copyrighted by me... that is copied by someone..) But threatening with a lawsuit and sueing something is a whole different ball game. Who will do that unless the copyright holder has enough capital behind him/her (like Microsoft.. they got sued by some small company who had Vista as company name, registered and legal. They sued Mickeysoft, seeing as Windows is named Vista - they probably won, because they have the money)ANd yes, I am still alive


But we can take action against those who copy our posted material, and should, in my opinion. I do feel it would be okay for parts of posts to be copied to other sites if attributed properly, or the entire post if quoted and attributed properly on a sister site (for example,k new virus alerts on asta being replicated on trap). And technically, according to the current US Copyright laws, anything published in any form (including electronic publication which includes web publishing) is immediately copywritten to the publishing agent whether notice of copyright is indicated or not, and all rights are reserved unless otherwise specified. So if asta is US based company, it falls under those rules and unless otherwise copywritten by name by the poster, are considered published by Xisto (and Xisto) and are copywritten.~Viz


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