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Shoutbox Display Names Can we fix this?


We have a few members that have a different names displayed in the shoutbox than is shown elsewhere on the website.This just started recently but it is kind of a problem.I think this is caused by IPB's odd feature where a members display name can be different than their login name. While IPB shows the users display name throughout the website, shoutbox must be showing the login name.Anyway we can have the shoutbox show the display name instead of the login name?vujsa


Yea if this is possible it'd be great, if only to make people stop asking why its different names haha.


This could easily be done in the AJAX shoutbox in developement at Antilost, and it would be great to be able to put a piece of Antilost software on Xisto. However, we haven't been able to test the best incarnation of the shoutbox with IPB because it requires PHP 5.x and Xisto only offers 4.x. Further, Invision no longer has their free limited IPB suite for me to download. So if anyone would be willing to help serve as a test or if OpaQue could please upgrade PHP, it would allow us to get that shoutbox ready without this problem. Otherwise, it is up to the people who made this shoutbox to make an upgrade with the fix.~Viz


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