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India To Become Global Hub For Intel


The title says it all and there's not much to rephrashing this article, so I'm going to Quote the whole thing.


The new fact that I learnt from this article - which came as a very pleasant surprise to me - is that the Centrino duo chip popularly known as NAPA was designed & developed in India !!


Intel to make India its global hub

Sunday, May 21, 2006 04:49:34 pm IAN S


BANGALORE: Intel Corporation, the $39-billion global chip maker, is set to make India its design and development hub for driving innovation at a global level, a top company official hinted here Sunday.


Even as its new CEO Paul Otellini comes calling on Tuesday, a flurry of activities is on at Intel India here to play the perfect host and showcase the country's growing prowess in technology and research.


"Though Otellini came to India three years ago, this is the first time he is visiting us as Intel's president and CEO. It is also his first visit to any emerging market after the company announced its World Ahead Programme May 2 at Austin in Texas," the official told IANS.


The $1-billion World Ahead initiative is aimed at extending Intel's efforts to make technology benefits available to everyone, everywhere.


"Over the next five years, the initiative aims at helping accelerate the global spread of technology access, broadband connectivity and education in developing and developed countries," the official said.


With India becoming one of its key emerging markets, Intel plans to make its development centre, including the research and development facility here.


"As Intel's fastest growing site outside the US, the India facility develops new silicon level products and architecture, advanced computing, communications and wireless technologies that enrich people's lives and provide them with new businesses and education opportunities," the official said.


For instance, the recent Intel Centrino duo chip, popularly known as NAPA, was designed at the Intel India development centre. It enables laptops to have a small form factor and a longer battery life.


Of the 3,000 people employed in Intel India, about 2,700 techies work at its development centre and research and development facility, located in a sprawling campus on the outskirts of this tech city.


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