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Dell XPS 600: Gamer's Dream Come True


Wanna run F.E.A.R @ 1500x1200 @ 8x AA and 16x AF with Soft Shadows enabled at a consistent 60 fps and above? Any gamer worth his salt will know this was previously impossible. The Dell XPS 600 Renegade will make all this and more possible, because it brings together blistering frame frequency and stunning realistic visuals.Powering the XPS Renegade is the Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition running at a supercharged 4.26 GHz. Four NVIDIA 7900GTX GPUs in Quad SLI drive the graphics towards never-before seen levels of realism. Each of the four GPUs receive 512 MB of GDDR3 memory, making the total available video RAM a massive 2 GB. Ageia's spanking new PhysX PPU makes its appearance here, bringing the total processor count to seven! The PhysX will make effects like ragdoll physics and debris from explosions more realistic, while freeing up CPU resources. The Renegade features 2 gigs of low-latency DDR2 memory at 667 MHz, packs in two 160 GB 10000 rpm WD Raptors in RAID 0, and a Creative X-fi Fatality. With such a list of jaw-dropping hardware inside, and a 30-inch Dell 3007WFP widescreen LCD outside, the Renegade retails at impressive $9,930!Each rig comes painted by Mike Lavallee, one of the world's foremost automotive artists. Coupled with the fastest-in-their-class components on the planet, the Renegade is a work of art. Reason enough to tempt a gamer to sin!


It does sound reeeaaalllly nice but its still the Dell part that scares me... :/ to bad.. Alienware should never have fused with Dell..


Wow sounds awesome... sure wouldn't mind owning one of those beasts. Unfortunatally the ten grand price tag is a little beyond my budget!Can always dream eh?


That is insane, the speed and power of the system along with the huge memory. It would be funny if someone thought they could make it run even faster by upgrading it and actually downgraded it. But $10,000 way expensive. Beauty comes at a price. Also, i had no idea that Alienware and Dell fused! When did this happed?


Cool...but too expensive . I think the half price of this PC is aready useful..


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