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For Staff - Ouch ! This Killed My Eyes


I got this PM from a new dude: teartrack sos. Apparently he wasn't happy that I killed several of his threads.. just keep a close watch on him - he might try to do a bunch of revenge spams.. And yeah - this is exactly how the PM came.. It burned my eyes man.. lol..


hi. it seems every time i post, u have some rude remark to say. it's really pi$$ing me off, okay? i don't care if ur some administrator, but u don't have to go dis people about their posts, okay? so lay off! and if u r some admin, and think i'm being rude or some stupid crap like that, go ahead and "banish" me from this site, because I'll just tell people how rude these admins are and that this site sucks! i'm sooo sorry if this sounds rude [not] but don't say stuff like this:

"There are 1000s of threads here discussing exactly the same topic. Follow-up on the older ones. In future, use the SEARCH button before you make posts. Topic closed."               


Can we abuse him just alittle bit??? LOLI mean, such an intelligent pm must be taken serious [not] LOLOL. Well, I had my chuckle.


He shouted another shout about you, ms^e:

Tue. Feb. 07th, 2006 03:18 PMmiCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG sucks balls.

moonwitch is right. We must also take his intelligent shout seriously, and investigate. [not]


Now now don't be rude - he's playing that part quite well by himself

Here's a new PM titled Adios ******* ...


wow...you took all my credit points away because I told you the truth. you're an a**hole, you know that? And all my posts seem to be "spammy"? then what the hell do I write about? sorry I'm not a low life computer nerd like you. Kick me off the site, go ahead, I really don't care. I'll find a better host, where you don't have to post stupid boring crap to get hosting.


My last words to you are:

You are a stupid ******* who ****s himself

Hhahaa... I really find these kind of people very funny. Typically of very-high-intellect and of a breed known as the scums of earth - they never cease to surprise me Damn I wish he was here for longer so we could toy around with him a little more


And OMG OMG "You are a stupid ******* who ****s himself" - HOW I WISH I could do that even for a second. I'd have quite a reputation among the girls coz of my length, eh :)


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