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David: Yet Another Win App Enabbler? DAVID - by SpecOps Labs


I believe the most well-known solution to run Windows apps on Linux is the WINE (although that's not to say it is commonly used.) As a commercial product, there is CodeWeavers, which is basically built upon WINE technology of API re-implementations.There is yet another product under the name of DAVID, by SpecOps Labs of the Philippines. (http://www.specopslabs.com/)Unlike WINE, DAVID is a Windows application enabler using a hybrid approach of application porting, virtual machine and API implementations.It isn't distributed free or not even individually, at least to my knowledge, but is bundled with a distribution here in Japan - called TurboLinux (http://www.turbolinux.com/ --- english version)Since SpecOps is an Asia based project, I am not sure how much this one is known elsewhere, and that's why I though I might note this down for you to find out what kind of progress they are making, if any, nearby yours. The SpecOps site has at least some mention on IBM being interested in their technology, but I was personally not able to track further.


To me, it just looks like a commercial WINE-wannabe.I'm keeping with WINE since it's GPL and it's known world-wide.xboxrulz


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