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Roxr looks pretty legit, actually

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Roxr Hosting doesn't look too bad, if I say so myself. I personally haven't actually tried the hosting plan but when first visiting, the site seems quite reliable and legitimate. Basically, they have a free account hosting and paid too. The free account offers 20 GigaBites of Bandwidth (200 Megs). I think it's forum based like Xisto - you have to post in their community for their hosting. Not half-bad, if you decide to check it out, let us know how it is.Speaking of other free web hosting plans, most of the free web hosting webmasters aren't that respectful of their users. I mean, after all, they aren't getting that much from us. Therefore, they don't care about us little people. It's only if you PAY them for hosting when they actually respect you. It's too bad actually. They don't just exist in the free web hosting industry, you can find these people just anywhere else you go.That's why Xisto is different. Xisto consistently offers an extraordinary plan, for free. And when you actually come to talk to the webmasters, they actually CARE enough about their "little people" to help you. I recently got back a few weeks ago discussing with OpaQue about a problem I had through email. The Xisto staff was very helpful.In the business world, kindness and respect is worth it's weight in gold. After all, that IS why I chose Xisto over Roxr. Even though Roxr has a better plan, you just can't find the support anywhere else besides here.


it`s ok BUTdon`t post any link to competitors

Cube Domain1405241509

don`t post any link to competitors

You don't own Xisto. As can clearly be seen by the forum guide, you may post ANY experiences you have about other people's products. Competitors? There will always be competition. However, you can't let that be your excuse to not improve.


Actually soleimanian is right. Its in our TOS that members are not allowed to post any material which is a competing service provided. AND THIS IS THE OWNER who is speaking.

Advertising (warning): Advertising on the forum is not allowed under any but the following conditions:

a website in the review website forum providing it does not compete with any
of our services.

when it offers a solution to a problem stated.

CubeDomain, You don't have any right to say to a member regarding the ownership of Xisto. He alerted you about the forum rules as a community member. Try to understand the meaning of Community and being a member of it. His action truely reflected that he cared for us.

Soleimanian has been a member since 1-September 04 i.e. He has been hosted with Xisto from past One Year. And you have registered here AFTER ONE year.

As for ROXR, I really cannot comment about any of their services.
Their company is very young and have just started at 28 Apr 2005.

Cube Domain1405241509

I apologize soleimanian, I overlooked the rules. Thank you for telling me.


its ok..not alot of space though


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