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How To Setup Frontpage To upload your files.


I ur using frontpage to make your site(Like me) then you might prefer to use its inbuilt FTP client. Heres how you upload your site using FP.Once ur done with your site:-1. Click on File->Publish Site.2. In the window's upper right corner there is an option called "Remote WEbsite Properties". Click on it3. In the new window select FTP option.4. Set the address to ftp."yoursubdomainhere".astahost.com replacing the Quotes.5. Set directory to "public_html"6. Your username and password will be the same for the cPanel.7. The left panel is your local files within your site. The right panel is the FTP server of the remote website.8. You can either choose to completely update your site or synchronize.Post if you have any problems.(screen shot attached)


Nice post, since you are using Frontpage. Can you explain what the "support" for frontpage does for users of frontpage (cPanel) and maybe make a couple of more tutorials.I'm going to suggest a "Frontpage" forum in the hosted area and I'll move any posts related to Frontpage to this forum.+1 reputation for this post . :PNils


yeah i like that a lot.


I very happy you liked my post. I will post a few more tutorials.

Can you explain what the "support" for frontpage does for users of frontpage (cPanel)

Im sorry im just a bit confused. I looked at my cPanel and i didnt see any support for frontpage..... A screenshot would be helpful. I'm sorry for the bother.


There is a plug-in for Frontpage in the CPanel. Im not sure what it does either. You can decide if you want it off or on so I don't know what it is.


This is what I was talking about.


Oh....thats for installing support for frontpage extentions onto your site. Frontpage has some inbuilt features like a hit-counter for ex. which require this to be installed on your host. Even im not very sure what it is for...maybe somebody else can help.


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