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Art Forum digital or scan your own art


Hey everyone.Welcome to the Xisto Art forum. With Xisto constantly expanding and seeing all types of new people, we've decided to make an art forum. Here you can post your own art to receive feedback and exposure, as well as discuss all things art related. With our community growing so fast, this is a great opportunity for both aspiring and experienced artists to get there stuff on the net for all to see, both here and on there own sites that can be hosted by us once they've established themselves as productive members of this community.The rules:- When giving feedback, please be as constructive as possible. If you don't think someone's art is the best it can be, say so. But please do so in a courteous manner. We're all here to learn.- No 5 minute doodles. Post your finished and refined works, or at least works in progress that you plan on finishing. We want to maintain a level of quality here. Remember, with everything you post, you're representing yourself as an artist.- Do not post art of a Pornographic nature. Tasteful nudity is acceptable (until I'm told otherwise) but please place a nudity warning in your thread's title.That's all for now. And with that said. Enjoy yourself and show us what you got.


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