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Need Idea's For Logo .....

Silent Soul X

Hey everybody,I'm trying to think of a good logo that would go well with my site. The site name is Dreams In Digital. Now i know how to design and everything, all i need to do is get some idea's or inspiration of what my logo should be. I don't have a preview of what my site looks like becuase i'm going to re-design it, but all i really need is some idea's of what my logo should be. K, now to the Questions, What does everyone think of when they hear Dreams in Digital? I'm asking this becuase i want to know what everyone thinks and then i can turn those idea's into a graphic of some sort for my logo. Also if anyone has any good idea's of what a good logo would be (it doesn't have to be a picture, just idea's will do). I'm kind of looking for something like on all the major graphic sites like greycobra has the cobra image. Thx in advance everybody


i think of a cloudly night sky in colour but it looks like one of those old victorian etching, with the words "Dreams in Digital" running throught the middle.


Keep in mind that I can only speak as far as my own preferences are concerned, but for me, I'm a big fan of the "less is more" concept." That means a minimalist color scheme, simpler shapes etc. Just experiment with color combos that pop for you and go from there. As far as your logo, I'd steer clear of using literal imagery associated with dreams and just remember that it can be anything you want. I think people are pretty good at spotting when others take the easy way out and spacey imagery seems a bit obvious. Not only that but starfields offer a lot of distraction design wise as you have a lot of simple white on black points jerking your eye around and not providing a true focal point. Your title "dreams in digital" can mean just about anything and it's worth exploring what other images it may evoke for you.


i agree with ndhill that for a logo it should be simple. simple so when you look at the symbol or logo it will be rememberable. i studied this in graphic products but sadly failed... just a few more marks i should of passed. anyways you should keep to the idea of clouds, pillows, beds.., maybe a eye and in its pupils theres some sort of digital art or some kind and the words "dreams in digital" should be there. just relate it to the website or something digital not like a "coconut logo for a fish and chip shop" that can be stupid. if there actuallly is i laugh my *bottom* off!

Silent Soul X

yeah i just wasn't sure if i made a logo and it really didn't have anything to do with dreaming in digital or anything, that it would look really off. Well i'm either going to create my eye with DiD in the middle of it or i'm going to make this little sort of metal face thingy, also just for fun i've been making just random one's with the polygon tool and some of them are looking quite nice, so i'll decide which one i like the best. I just wanted to know if people thought that the logo specificly (dont know hot to spell it ) had to be about the dreaming theme or if it could be a different but effective logo. Thx everybody


What abot just palin D.I.D.


the eye idea is a little cliche isn't it? Mabye it could be made a bit more diffrent. Maybe if the DiD was made look like it was reflecxted in the eye rather than being jsut text on it?


Why don't you post some images? That'd give us a better idea of what you're looking for I think. As for the eye, I have to agree that it is a little cliche. I know especially now it's very tough to steer away from imagery like that and that's why I think when it comes to logos, it's best to steer away from literal images all together. Continue to experiment with shapes as you're already doing but do so in a sketch book where your hand is more free.

Space Orangutan #2

I personally wouldn't go with the old reused idea of dreams with clouds, sleeping, and such. I think of "Dreams in Digital" I see more of an idea of actual dreams people aim to achieve in life. That in mind destinations around the world such as a tropical paradise leap into mind. Everybody almost dreams to go to such a place. Granted, we have our own ideas of what such a dream place might be. Myself speaking, I see "a lush, foggy forest in the middle of tall hills settled in a sort of valley". Of course, whatever you see as your dream should fit you best. And you could always do a corny pixelization effect to tie in the "Digital" part.

Silent Soul X

yeah i've found so many sites are going for the eye type effect and then having sort of wings on it (like Eye Digital Emotion's logo), and i'll post up some of my pictures that i made and see what you guys think, i'll also get working on a couple of drawings in my notebook. As for the Dreams in Digital idea i'm thinking of going with a eye sort of image that looks like it's dreaming and then create something from there on, btw thx everyone and i'll get my pics up soon


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