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Python (win32) Anyone Experienced?


So of late I've become increasingly interested in the whole bitTorrent trend, and I was possibly looking into dabbling in a release of my own...I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Python, and if so, which IDE should I use... I have Emacs (of course), but it's more hackerish than userfriendly, and I'm so noob with python i need to use a p*ssy prog that spoils you with dropdowns and context-sensitive help...Maybe I'm a dreamer, but oh well...Thx in advance...Oh yeah, this is for win32 development, as the people I would distribute my version to know just about nothing when it comes to computers... lol


Ha a bittorrent would take you few weeks...but if you are really serious about it and have the required patience I would tell you just go to the python official web site and quickly dip trhough their tutorial, then you would need the GTK module where all the GUI comes - its actually quite straight forward and easy to utilize and they have a very good tutorial - (there are few of them to be installed for it to work...) and then you would need py2exe to compile your program to an executable windows application ...well I think i was wrong in my estim ... you'll have to devote a few months for this to work properly - but maybe first check if someone would be interested in it ... folks need fast download ...


IDE for Python:

1. you can use vim it is not IDE, but, anyway it is powerfull enough

2. Rest variants are listed in http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Best of I know is Wingware Python IDE, WingIDE http://www.wingware.com/

I believe it is the best on the planet


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