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Mysql Didn't Work...


What did happen to the MySQL databases? They didn't work for a while the last time.I know the error from other webhosts, and they said it happen when they moving server and so.Is it the same here or what did happen? Thx for an answer.


Nope, no server moves. It's an issue with users and user experience when setting up and using databases and scripts. If to many users take up to much of the resources because of poorly implemented code the server may hang for a while. This affects all of us and is unavoidable when the user-base go from experts to beginners. A lot of new hosted members the last days and a lot of experimenting with new “toys” account for some of the problems. We, and by we I mean OpaQue, works hard on keeping the service on at all times but he can’t control what you or others load and run.


It should be stable and run without any problems now.




thanks for the reply!I appreciate that, many webhosts don't really care how much uptime they have. Thats one reason I like Xisto, you guys dont have much (if any) downtime. That's also why I was surprised about that.Good that it will stable now!


Good, I'm glad you understand and are happy with the service provided. I'm considering this issue (question) solved and the topic is closed. *** TOPIC CLOSED *** ;)Nils


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