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Using Symbol Effects In Flash Symbol Effects


Flash Tutorial 4: Symbol EffectsThe last thing I will cover with this series of tutorials for Flash Macromedia is effects/transitions/transformations which are probably the easiest to use but since there are so many things that can be done with them easily - I feel it's worth covering and learning for any begining flash designer.1. 1st open a blank Flash Document2. create a keyframe(select and press F6) on the first frame in the timeline(top of flash window)3. Use the circle tool and draw a circle of desirable size on the canvas. If you have been following these tutorials you could also import a picture of a logo or something as well to be converted to a symbol.4. Right click your picture or circle or whatever and select convert to symbol from the menu. Choose graphic from the 3 types of symbols.5. Really once you convert your object to a symbol you're pretty much ready to add some effects so right click the symbol on the canvas. Down at the bottom you will see timeline effects with an arrow to the right. Highlighting this will in turn give a few more options choose something from either effects or transition/transform.6. Using these effects you can do a number of things: Fade in or out of the document, wipe the screen, you can fade to specific colors or change the alpha of the color with transition. The effects and transition/transform options, once you create your symbol, are pretty much automated functions. It's really up to you as to how to apply them to the project you are working on.In the event you are getting an error when you apply your effect, you may have skipped or fumbled the step of creating the symbol. Hopefully, if you've read all 4 tutorials now, you have some idea of how to do the basics with flash. Really aside from using actionscript and components the 'complexics' aren't much more than basics applied on a larger scale. Have fun designing and if anyone has some cool animations they made after using this maybe they could post and share so others could learn from them too.


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