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Arg... Time Problems


Hmms...I dunno if this is a problem that can be resolved cuz I think it might be a server-side problem that Xisto would have to change but...I will post it anyways...Ok for my website (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ All the times are not what they should be...Like say I want my time for the forum posts to be gmt -5 I have to change my damn time to gmt +4 (gmt being my local time..And the local time for most of the visitors that are going to be coming 2 my site...A site for local friends) I don't know if this can be resolved but any help would be greatly appreciated...The current settings for it are at gmt +4 so inside the chatbox you should be seing my local time (gmt -5) and the date time thing around the top right corner...it's javascript that just takes the time from your computer so thatw ill always display your time...So don't think that there is no problem just because that time is correct for youThanks, spacewaste


I m too poor in Maths and figure out all that time related issues.But I guess, there are 2 problems you are facing,1> Client side time 2> Server side time ( cannot be changed )Now, you say that GMT is your local time and server shows it wrong. The possible reason is, the server might not be set to show GMT time. The servers are located in US. I suggest you to execute a small program with the PHP time function to get the time on the server. You will have a better Idea of what is going on. You can verify the GMT time reported by the server too. If you feel that the server clock is lagging, please drop me a PM.


K problem solved....Your server time is just not gmt it's like gmt +3 I THINK so I just found a portal that could compensate for the difference.... and voila! fixed... I just had to add +3 hours to the portals gmt to make the gmt 0 So then when I I set the normal gmt time it is at -5 and not -2


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