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Reputation Thing! Script Seems To Be Broken There are tags showing up on the page


Admin / programmer look at the page for the Reputation:




prodigy have 3 points but only 2 show and the last one none of the buttons or comment show up, but you can see the tags.



<{P_UP}> //' this tag show up on the tail end of top comment '//


<" + "/script>"); //--> //' This show up where the "Card", "PM" button should be '//




I'm using Mozilla 1.73 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20040910




I posted it here because I didn't see any other place to put board comments. It should be a place in "Others" that deal with Issues and or comments like the New Reputation Thing This post belongs (IMHO) in a "non point earning" / "no good post earning" forum.



There also seems to be a mysql problem when you try to see a list of people by votes given in the reputation mod. I've tried it a couple of diferent times in diferent ways and it dosen't seem to work. If the admins could fix that it would be nice.Thanx in advance .BTW I believe the most apropriate section to put this topic in would have been the "Comments and Feedback" section.


hhhmmmm, all of these things are working fine for me, using Mozilla Firefox.


MajesticTreeFrog,I did a print screen of what I see when using, Mozilla and Firefox. Only one complete post and one partial post and I see the tags. (I hope the picture show up or I have to put it online and link.Nils


YEs. I am well aware of this problem. Please use INTERNET EXPLORER to view it. If anyone can help me correct the HTML of this MOD, that will be highly appreciated. Internet explorer renders the page without any problem. I view it using IE 6.


Thank you OpaQue,I appreciate you take the time answering this post. You can close the post if you like. You answered my question and gave 'a' solultion at the same time.I tied in Internet explorer and it was perfect.Have a great day,NilsPS [added 1/4/05 5:26pm] Advertizing don't work to good in IE I just browsed a couple of pages and I had broken picture on several of the links. "Did a reload to see the actual ad" I'm going back to mozilla. [/added]


Thank you OpaQue,


I appreciate you take the time answering this post. You can close the post if you like. You answered my question and gave 'a' solultion at the same time.


I tied in Internet explorer and it was perfect.


Have a great day,



Although this is a bummer for those of us who don't allow MS products on their computers :-).


As a *nix only user, IE is not an option.


cheers all,



I made the Advertising mod myself. I am looking out for a solution. I am not a pro in making and editing mods. Its all messed up. There is a stupid array where i used preg_replace thing... Got to work on it. I will fix it soon.Thanks for pointing it out. I used MS IE once a month or something or in some special situations only LMAO..


Here is what I found.... This is the code on Xisto and it's working

<td nowrap="nowrap"> <!-- PM / EMAIL / WWW / MSGR --> <div style="float: left;"> <a href="javascript:scroll(0,0);"><img src='style_images/1/p_up.gif' border='0' alt='Go to the top of the page' /></a> </div> <!-- REPORT / UP -->

Here is the same code from Xisto:

<td nowrap="nowrap"> <!-- PM / EMAIL / WWW / MSGR --> <div style="float: left;"> <a href="javascript:scroll(0,0);"><{P_UP}></a> </div> <!-- REPORT / UP -->

And since I don't know what I'm talking about maybe you can make sense of it :)Nils


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