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Why Don't Let Me Apply!


“OpaQue:application denied! most of the posts are all spam. ”from:http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ will say:i am a chinese student aged 19.you konw,my lanaguage is chinese.i hold a whole night, sent many topics after read many articles.while,you give me just an answer just nowI want use your host site,because i believe you.there are only a few users on your forum,so i sent the topic are all spam! :PI have a bad time today :oI will come to the forum agian.i like it and hope you to apply my request :Pyours,bluewind@cn


well, he can't be sitting behind his computer all the time responding to messages now can he?if you post some decent messages, things that don't seem like the kind of messages you post when you just have to post 10 messages to get something so you'll post just anything, then you'll get your hosting allright.and you'll be satisfied :Pso just hang on a little, ask things you really need to know and give your opinion about some subjects.


"2 guests, 2 members 0 anonymous members bluewind, Hellfire"perhaps u think i should sent topics in the forum only myslf !i have no words.i think i needn't the space in this web "Xisto.com" !bye ~


If you can't reply here or do not feel confortable with the forums here at this site, go to Xisto.com. There you will find someone shouting at the shoutbox by every second... As for the no. of people online at the forums, buddy, dont forget this is a forum and not a chat system, so it doesn't matter how many people are online


Please make a better effort to post more appropriately. Once you have 10 GOOD posts you come back to this request forum and re-apply for hosting.Clean up your act, Xisto isn't prejudice towards cultures or languages as tehir is a wide variety here. The main focus of these forums is to post good ENGLISH posts and considering the whole forums are english It is pretty obvious what language to post in.Sorry But untill you post better you shouldn't apply for a hosting package.


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