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Hosting And Possible File Downloads


Hi, I have a question I would like to ask before I make any serious commitment.. Many website hostings that I have looked at, does not allow that you can have some zip files for others to download if they so wish to use the files.. The zip files I am referring to is that I wish to make more personal websets or even graphics onto the site, and if someone likes it, they could download it for free. Is this allowed on this hosting? I would only do a small portion of it, I take pictures with my digital camera and make websets from the pictures I have taken from around my home and whatnot. I hope this would be allowed as I really do enjoy making simple websets :POtherwise I will be devoting my personal pages to help others with the game I play :PThank you for your time to answer :oZandramas(Sorry I posted this on the wrong forum. I saw that I posted it too late before I realized my error)


as far as i know you can put anything on your site, as long as it's not copyrighted by someone else and you do not have the right to spread it. for example: mp3 songs from metalica , full programs like ms office or so,...but as it's for your own pictures & stuff, it seems ok to me.but! take in mind that you have only limited storage & bandwith.if you put a 100mb video on your webspace and 20 people watch it within 1 month, you're ****ed, as 100 *20 = 2000mb = max bandwidth /monthbut without thinking about the concequences and just answering your question: yes, you can do that.


Thank you for the information. I am currently trying to get my webpage worked on so that I can post it on the internet Since I am posting now and not having a webpage available, that is fine as it gives me time to prepare for all that I need :PThank you again for the information


WOW! Wonderful request.. If you make everypost just like the REQUEST post, you will get hosting easily.. BTW, We provide DEDICATED BW at Xisto. So there is absolutely no restriction at all. ( provided the data should be legal ).


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