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As I have been using adobe photoshop for about 5-6 months i have greatly advanced, and am open to fufill someone's desire to have one.(also, I do make transparent .gif's their just not my favourite.)

Anyway's here is some of my previous work.


P.S.=Keep in mind as some are for different things(a site splash,wallpaper,requests,giveaway)


Wow, Those pictures look great. Did you use the tablet or just the mouse to do your artwork in? :PI have used adobe photoshop, but only a trial copy since I know I can never afford the full copy. So instead I use Jasc programs for my graphic art. How do you mean by "am open to fufill someone's desire to have one"


Will you make a banner for me that is kind of fiery with my name on it thats 256x80?


The desire to have 1 and can you explain more on the banner


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